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Todays Wasteland Finds

A poets problem
Some may come to expect one
No Haiku for you

Spent much more time digging than detecting. All of this came from about 5 square meters.
Margerine container of tile,plaster and brick pieces.
Front left - three big pieces gascut steel plate
then moving to the right - 5 lumps cast iron, big UNF bolt, 8 nails.
Left rear - large pile ferrous sheetmetal
Right rear - glass
right side in middle ground - non ferrous sheetmetal consisting of chromed copper strip, canslaw, ? crushed refrigerator piping

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On feb 22 above i found pieces of cast iron.
Today i found more pieces of the same mystery object

So what is it? A big flat thing, maybe i will find more of it
It has writing on it

“Something 83761” and “No 340” and “O/”
with better light might be ??S 3761 and CA?

Also this copper bronze or brass ?plumbing thingy

And the Haiku

What is this object ?
Burried a long time ago
There might be prizes.

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Today it is damp
And i am very whimpy
The heat pump is on

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I have just read the rain gauge it was 101mm in 48 hours and still raining

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definately damp
Sun powered distilation
the wise stay inside

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The up side to all this
Keith is that your book
must be looking good.

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You are sure a glutton for punishment! I think I would be heading for greener pastures like behind the tote at the local race track.

another 23 mm over night. so last year 3188 mm total to end of april. we had 167 of fine days last year.
68mm the other day the most I have recorded. interesting thing is we don’t have any water laying round
as for the book its really slowed down.

Isnt the top right hand stainless steel thing off a clamp thing for binding strapping? You put stainless steel strap around things and that is the clamp to hold it?

Which top right stainless thing are you refering to?

The three items you list as sewing machine parts. I couldnt find it above BUT by clicking on your name in my reply it took me to it.

Oh yes, i know the bits, results of february 20th, i will have a look later, just off to try to find more of the cast thingy no 340

Detecting abandoned after weather turned nasty en route.

Yes this thing, possibly used for attaching street name signs to lamposts.

Yes somethinglike that. I have actually seen them somewhere - but dont ask me where.

Bad luck about the weather but theres always tomorrow.

I decided I would give my local domain up in north Canterbury a go at detecting today, just expecting to find trash , especially considering my detector is a gold monster and not ideal for relic/coin hunting and picks up the smallest pieces of rubbish .
But in the End I had an Amazing Haul as expected I found dozens of pieces of alimuinum foil and parts of cans and beer bottle lids , but it turned out there where tons of coins most of them are pretty modern but I got a nice 1962 Florin and a near mint condition penny which I am pretty happy about . But best of all just as I was about to head back I got a great signal and Decided to dig it and I found an Awesome ring, I just thought it was a junker , but after some research and giving it an purity test I think it is 9 or possibly 14 Carat gold Correct me if im wrong there as I just got the testing strat off the internet , Im not sure about the gem in it , probably just a fake but It might be a ruby never know. Also found some cool thing that appears to be part of a horse and cart.
Im super Stoked and All round amazed on what some people can lose , and astonished on the microscopic pieces of foil the detector can find you can hardly even make them out !


Any idea of what the cartridge case is? rimfire? 17HRM?
Some rather interesting looking coins there too.
How far from ChCh are you?

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I think the case is just a 22 , I’m in one of the small towns in the Waimakariri district about 30 mins from the outskirts of Chch . Yeah the coins and pretty cool , when I dug up the British 1 penny I first thought it was from the Middle Ages or something lol ,but it was just from 2000 there was also this super weird foreign coin I think it’s like Hong Kong or something maybe , and some great nz coins to .

Oh is the case damaged, it looked like it had a shoulder, which 22LR does not. The horseshoe looks more like a draught horse shoe than a racing plate. The coins are in nice condition, i am used to getting coins from playgrounds and the bark chips and sawdust used to prevent concussion seem to corrode the coins a great deal faster.
I am in Christchurch central so maybe we could team up sometime, i wouldnt be adverse to a meetup when we drop to a level where such things are no longer regarded as viral infection opportunities.

And finally the day has come when i went out to find a specific object and did so. I went to find more bits of cast iron object No 340 and here they are…

Also found, 5 nails, a knob and a sheetmetal sliver
After a cleanup

looks like two bits of drain grate and three bits of No 340.

Todays finds, same area detected but finds less interesting. Aluminium foil and ferrous junk, including sheetmetal, nails and wire, but no identifiable bits of cast iron found.

butter nut was the highlight

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Another piece of the cast mystery, a 1 pound weight and a jewellery box (empty)

eight pieces dug up and the only parts that fit together are the result of me breaking a piece trying to knock the soil encrustations off. I guess it must have been a big thingy, possibly with many separate castings, perhaps a kitchen stove?

cleanup of 1 pound weight