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Todays Wasteland Finds

( Hi im tundrum I forgot to use this account for my first few posts opps )
I would say the case is pretty much mint condtion , maybe its not a 22 , I just thought it was and after asking my dad he said yes to 22 as well . Yeah It would be good to go detecting togther at some point I live just outside chch so that would be great . Im only 14 and still pretty new to detecting , and only have a GM1000 at this point but I have managed to work out signal size to normally tell whether its a coin or just a tiny peice of foil or other junk, not far off being able to get a detector better for relics , Would you have an suggestions ? I am just thinking equinox 800 as that seems to be the best detector within reasonable price range . I regularley detect spreydon domain , It is already pretty well hunted out , and me detecting there every week dosent help , as I have a class at a hall right next to it 3 days a week ( tuesday wednesday and thursday ) and me and my dad normally detect there from around 6-7 those evenings . Only been a few times so far but planning to go on night missons most of the time after the class for the time being . If you want to catch me up there at any point feel free to . See you round hopefully ! ( if you want to see how amateur I am I have uploaded a few videos on my youtube account on some of my detector trips on there )

Oh hello, the cartridge case, yes it is either a 22WMR or more likely a 17HMR i think, they are identical except for the inside neck diameter. I think you will find the GM1000 wil be fine for a while, i own 4 detectors and my favorite is MD-3005mkII which is probably the cheapest, see my thread entitled <MD-3005mk2(cheap chinese)> for more information.

I’m pretty happy with how I did for 4 hours detecting at this park . About 1 in every 3 targets where coins ! Even found an Irish 20p which was unusual and a 1936 British penny Which is my 3rd oldest coin yet ! I’m not sure what that shell type thing is yet maybe a shotgun shell that has not been fired yet I’m not really sure .

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Well done, 1938 is earlier than any coins i have found. Post some closeups of the ammunition and i will try to identify.

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“if you want to see how amateur I am I have uploaded a few videos on my youtube account on some of my detector trips on there”

How would we find your youtube vid?

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Just look up , The Sluicers on youtube and they should come up if not

Also that white shell thing has not writing on it what soever so I dont think its a bullet

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Thanks, yes i am curious about the white thing too, which is why i requested another photo.

Can you put up a clear photo of the bottom, the top and the side of your white shell ‘thing’ - if it is all brass but apparently hollow and has a rim like a 12g shotgun thenit is possible that it is a lighter as these do exist though very very scarce. Lighters were made as shotgun shells and the top shell pulled off the base/rim to reveal a lighter. They were promotions given by the salesmen to dealers.

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I was thinking possibly dummy cartridge, made by gunsmiths to test feeding, chamber sizes and other aspects of function in the workshop while avoiding the potential risks of chambering a live round.

Hi, I got Somme pics of the shell . I went detecting last night , got a pretty good haul, in the park of coins as I’m starting to call it as every few targets is some sort of old coin I have got around 50 coins from there but not a signal one newer then 1989 XD . But I found this badge I was wondering if anyone knew what it is , I don’t think it has much value but still curious it also had Italy engraved in small writing on the back .

Tube looks like a lipstick. The medallion is good old St. Chris.

Pull it hard and see if the top and bottom come apart - my money is now with Muddlewiggle as I now agree with him on a lipstick container.

I think your badge is one of those catlick medallion things that seem so popular in Italy judging by the number found in my Uncles WWII pillaged loot! The top shows where the suspention ring has broken off.

Nice, Yep I pulled the thing REALLY hard and I cracked but the end did come off , and it turned out to be a lipstrick container .

Thanks for the advice on the medallion

An interesting description i thought, until i was struck by the thought …
perhaps he means “Catholic Medallion” - a much more prosaic explanation than my disturbing mental images that revolved around the question of exactly who is the patron saint of cat licking?
Anyway, i have to admire the craftsmanship of the manufacturer of the lipstick. It is an intriguing bit of painting or printing.

Was metal detecting for gold nuggets in a gold bearing river and got a signal and it turned out to be an old miners pickaxe, it’s super sturdy and cuts through the clay like axe cuts wood it would be a great pick axe and my current one (the one with the handle it was my great x3 grandads ) is nearing 175 years old so this one will be a nice modern upgrade as it would probably be from 1865 or newer XD, although my dad wants it for the batch so probably not . It actually came up as a no ferrous signal even just before I pulled it out but then when I waved it over it came up as ferrous which was a bit weird .

Interesting find though and I’m super stoked