Todays Wasteland Finds

Ferrous stuff, rappers, and hot rocks.
Interesting stuff along the front, copper how water bottle top?
piece of cast bronze, 1972 2c and half a token with inscription


OK some bit of software keeps cropping off my edges

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The half token looks like it could be a milk token?
I concur re: the Hot water bottle stopper.

Judging by the foils, I’m guessing it’s a popular spot on summer evenings…

Out again today, but the spot i picked happened to be where somebody had shredded an aluminium can(s) into many little pieces which were burried in random places. So aluminium rubbish made up the vast majority of finds, along with 3 bottle tops and a rusty nail. The only unusual item was half a key.

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Here are todays thingies. Aluminium casting lower left is unusual
Not shown are 12 aluminium cans and 25 condom wrapers.


Found yesterday, but ran out of daylight before i could finish digging it up, a big piece of copper pipe.

close up of the telephone wiring and the aluminium casting

Todays exciting finds
Gold coins - zero
Gold rings - zero
silver coins - zero
silver rings - zero
bronze coins _zero
bronze trinkets - zero
non ferrous junk - zero
aluminium cans - zero (a first)
condom wrappers - one
aluminium pull tabs - one
abstract wire sculpture - one

Something i learned today - beware of hidden manholes with cast iron covers that have become hidden by becoming overgrown.
If you swing your coil over them while wearing earbuds it will deafen you.

Yesterdays more interesting stuff

Parts of something electronic in a solid blac plastic case that has been in a fire. The case is at the back, melted but containing all sorts of detectable metal, including a large steel spring, bossible battery spring. The remains of transformer and dangling from it, tangled copper wire. The ring is a magnet, part of a speaker i think, and small rectangular piece of ferrite, probably what the radios tuning coil was wound upon? Assorted electrinic parts too.

Three days on a Childrens playground adjoining the wasteland.

At last, Jewellery!
A ring, material unknown but has dark patchy surface patina with silver metal showing through. no pitting corrosion, lettering inside, “STG C6WD1”
Gold annodised aluminium chain
Plated steel and cast glass earing
Coins 1$,
Steel coins 50c, 20c, 10cX10 (half have rust blistering)
Three old cupronickel 5c pieces, badly corroded by the bark chips in the play surface. I have never seen silver coloured cupronickel coins around 20 years old so badly pitted and eaten.
Terminals, cable end and earth tag in copper.
A hearing aid, and button cells found seperately.
2 lead head nail heads
Hairclips and fragments thereof, pony tail ring, pin and, oddly, a large sewing needle.
Keyrings, cigarette lighters, pegspring and bicycle brakepad
Ferrous remains of old playground equipment


OK the “STG” means it is 925 - that is 92.5% silver with probably 7.5% copper. The other inscription seems strange, but could be C6WD quaver (as in a musical note)


Larger finds

a piece of glass

and parts of a pewter plate with ?Greek design.


And here is another mysterious object, boot scraper perhaps?

It is not everyday that i find a Ferrari F40 !

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And while i was ignoring the ferrous signals everywhere i got a nice conductive non magnetic signature which turned out to be brass, a doorknob, attached to a large ferrrous lock.

Anoyone fancy a pot of rusty stew ?

Astonishing piece of 20mm single conductor aluminium electrical cable.

Also keys, copper, lead, tweezers, fish hook, 10c,

And 43 nails

And here is the inside of the lock

Another Car today, and numerous aluminium cans

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