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Summer snippets

Well I ventured out today and brought the dredge home after the flood gave it a hiding. Also went for a 3hr sniping mission which went very well. Got onto some nice gold in the sunshine. 10.5g of the good stuff


The man! . Cheers for the inspiration. Heading to a public area tomorrow for a play .

Hope you’re getting some nice gold… will send you some photos of some Coromandel finds… regards Pete

@mathias_brandl bloody hell - Paydirt’s Mr Gold! I need to hit you up for some tips to up my game!!

Number 1 tip would be to look where there is plenty of gold, and to hold your tounge the right way, of course!


Yesterday’s mission involved moving gravels and boulders around where I did well the day before. It was slow going as the gravels are well cemented/claybound. Came away with 2.6g for 6 hrs… My 4 inch is in the mail, will be fun!


Another day out and more scratching around to try to get some weigh. Running out of shallow bedrock that’s holding gold. 2.8g today and my biggest piece for the summer of 1.1g (although not large by any standards). Maybe more tomorrow


Had a couple of productive outings on Monday and Tuesday. Both were short days of sniping. Found a very cool hook shaped piece of gold. Definitely hooked now!


Smashing it dude, how many hours a day you spending sniping to get those results? Awsome effort.

Huge days lol (sarcasm) , about 6 hrs away from home on Monday and about 4 hours on Tuesday. I reckon I’ve just got lucky, going again tomorrow, will see what happens.

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