September 9-18 mystery coin comp

Here are the details for the first competition. Thought I would post info a little early so you have time to prepare😋 NOTE info on the type of coin you will be searching for will not be posted on this thread until late the night before or early that morning of the start date.

All members are welcome and encouraged to join in from the ‘new to the hobby’ to the pros. It would be nice if the mystery coins/s you find had a wee mention in show and tell as well along with other bits and bobs you collected on that hunt, but only if you wish to do so.

For these competitions to be successful and have a future, they require 100% honesty, so no cheating. As time goes by we can mix things up a bit more but for starters simple is best. (Hence the changes :wink:)


Sorry to change things already but like anything new it sometimes happens. Hopefully the changes will make things easier for all who wish to enter :blush:

Start 9th September @9.00 am
Finish 18th September @ 9.00 pm
You are searching for one type of coin only (to be advised) with a mystery date which I have decided on.
First to post a pic on THIS THREAD with a matching coin and date wins, if comp finishes with no match then closest to the date wins, a draw? then first of the two members to post wins… Simple enough.

It’s completely optional whether the following image features in your photos and your mystery coin pics can be taken either during the hunt or at home once your coin/s are cleaned up. But please ensure your photos clearly show the coins date

Finally no enteries accepted after 9pm Sunday.

I will take a pic of the prize (not trying to put you off but they are basically worthless) and the said mystery coin before the comp starts.

Good luck to all and have fun… Hope I haven’t missed anything :thinking: Mmm yes that’s right the winner once notified will need to PM me a name and address to post prize to :blush:


A bit of thought gone into this, all sounds pretty cool to me. Other than public parks where else might a complete ‘newbie swinger’ search for such treasure please?

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@nuggetned : Without knowing what the target coin is yet, I’d generally be looking at playgrounds, parks, grassy banks at beaches and the dry sand area of beaches. Also anywhere where people would be likely to set up for a picnic. Look for where kids play in close proximity to shops, particularly things like dairies etc. Best of luck with your hunt.

You’ll be able to ignore pretty much the bottom half of the tone scale of your machine unless it’s a modern iron core coin.


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Thanks MW, very helpful advise. Is there any info available that gives the metal composition of coins please?

Old Decs
1,2c: Copper
5,10,20,50: CuproNickel

More info here:
Reserve Bank

Thanks for helpful info, I see I have a lot to learn

Hi all, please see the original post above for NEW SIMPLIFIED PHOTO RULES for the September competition

Sorry for changing things but hope you agree, it will make it easier and less hassle for everyone who wishes to participate. :blush:

So we can enter more than one coin?

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Yes as many as you like (obviously with different dates) but only the same type of coin as the one to be announced just before the start

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just spent 7k fixing truck motor… can’t afford a detector as yet … I cry :*(

Bad luck on the chariot, and good luck with saving :moneybag: for a detector.

Get your self a pointer and get started. Depending on your budget.
$300 will set you up with the best, there are nearly as good ones for less though.

Sometimes pointer detecting, such as sandy area of beach, around house footpaths/entrance/clotheseline, and playgrounds, can be as lucrative as normal detecting.
Even easier sometimes (as you only dig what is nearer to the surface.

Tip: For those who are struggling to get a good shot of your coin date with limited macro mode on mobile phones; hold the coin under a lamp and tilt it slightly.

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Everything is sorted at my end, with three sleeps until start of first comp.
Reminder: I will post info on this thread just prior to the start regarding type of coin

Whoop whoop, breaking the sites competition cherry! :slight_smile:

Good times Gavin, the new community format seems to be a hit which I am sure will continue to grow, you have done a great job.

It will be interesting to see how this first one goes.
I just hope the ‘mystery coin’ dosnt get found in first day or two as it could cause an anti climax.:weary:

Got a few ideas rolling around for the future, which would help avoid that from happening, involving two parts to the competition with the second part taking place over the full ten days. But for now all focus on the upcoming inaugural mystery coin.

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How do i enter the comp?

See all of the above threads @chris and it should become clear.
You enter by posting a picture of your coin clearly showing the date on this thread, you can enter as many times as you wish

Thanks iggy just hope i havnt cleaned my patch out

I wouldn’t worry too much I’m pretty sure everyone will find at least one if not more to enter. But sometimes when you go searching for something specific, all of a sudden it becomes scarce as :rooster: Teeth

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Looking forward to it.
Just don’t make it a Sovereign, or the Chch lads will hog the show !

Batteries charged - Check
Car fuelled - Check

Bring it on :slight_smile:

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