Like if you are ready for a detecting competition

Hi people, just trying to gauge interest for our first metal detecting competition.

Starting Friday 9th September (details to follow)

If we get 10 likes :heart:️ or more, I will make it happen, if not it might be best to delay for a bit more.


Don’t know how to do LIKE but yes we are ready for a competition.

Cool only need three more and we are good to go :yum:

Sorry @nettandles I forgot to add, to like a post click on the ‘grey’ :heart:️ at bottom left of the thread.

Well, I had to didn’t I.


One to go.

Sounds like a lot of fun to me, I’m a beginner, still playing around in the vegetable garden while studying the user manual. :blush:

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Well yes… The first one is your baby so to speak

That’s cool Ned, you have just as much chance as anybody else. It’s just a bit of fun, nothing too serious :blush:

Brilliant !!! looking forward to details, thanks

Yeh sweet, just got one little detail to chew over, then will advise but full details may or may not be known until nearer the time :wink:

PS on a side note people, I see I have a new medal… ‘10 likes on a post’…:blush:
That wasn’t my motive for going for the like option, just seemed easy but next time I will set up a little poll.

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Removed post as was only a Spam report.


Can I like twice cause I will be swinging a detector on each arm :slight_smile:


Lol now that is thinking out side of the square, I like it.

Good luck

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Sounds like fun…I’m still trolling forums blogs and you tube for tips and tricks but won’t be long and I’ll be keen on some friendly comp…GL guys and gals and HH


How did the friendly comp go @iggy?

Hi @the_huntsman_nz check out the following link, there will be another one soon.

September 9-18 mystery coin comp