September 9-18 mystery coin comp

Ha ha I’m not that nasty, I think a Sov would be just a wee bit below the belt

Mmmm maybe they don’t know anything about the comp… I’m sure there competitive streak will get the better of them one day :wink:

hi all, sharpening my digging tools,fresh batts,just need some good weather,good luck.

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My printer is low on coloured ink. My photo came out a little rainbowy - will that be okay?

Yes no problem, the photo is completely optional now,(photo rule was changed to make it easier) so if you want you don’t need to worry about including it in your picks. See original first post above.
Good luck

Went for a quick search at smoko came up with a 1936 half penny 67 shilling and a few pennies looking forward for the weekend

67 Shilling :thinking:… Interesting indeed, nah just trying to put you all off the sent.
Good work for a smoko break.

All will be revealed late tonight or early morning.

Hi there Gavin, just a thought mate… any chance of creating a badge type for competition winners, say maybe a I won it badge or the likes of ??? (only if its not to much trouble) what do others think?

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I like your enthusiasm Ned, sorry to but in on you.

I had PMed Gavin on that one a few days ago and he said it wouldn’t be a problem if I let him know who the winner is, he would make it happen, so that’s cool… I’ve just got to remember :grimacing:
Not sure if the virtual trophy/winners badge is for keeps or goes away after a set time though.

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Good one lggy. looks like we are on the same page here !!
Looking forward to seeing what the named treasure will be. :money_mouth:

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I’ll be permanent, 1 for every competition won :wink:

Cool that’s a good idea.

THE MOMENT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR HAS ARRIVED! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But first a couple of reminders

• I have already chosen the coins mystery date (that you are looking for) and photo dated a pic of it, to be shown once a winner is announced

• All pics of coins must be posted on THIS THEAD

• You can enter as many times as you like

• For ease of judging please ‘mention the coins date’ as well as a shot of the coin clearly showing it’s date

• The image of the dog DOSE NOT have to be in your pics, it’s up to you and the pic of the coin can be taken in the field or back at home once cleaned up

Finally have fun out there, and go hard, hopefully this is the first of many enjoyable competitions.

THE MYSTERY COIN IS…Drumroll :musical_score::musical_score::musical_score:

Yes the humble old NZ 10 cent any variety from 1967 through to 2016 (couldn’t make the first one too hard). Enjoy and good luck, and I look forward to seeing some awesomeness and average finds in show and tell that you have discovered while hunting for the said coin :yum:


Thanks lggy, very well thought out and keeps us swinging all week, lets hope the weather settles here in the south.

Did I win? :grin: :grin:
Seriously though, best of luck to everyone.


Excellent choice of coin will give everyone a fair chance.
got a nice untouched back yard permission with a clothesline to hit this weekend that should deliver the goods…

Cool, thank the guy above your thread for that one :+1:

yeah cool,should be some coins lying around somewhere,i,ll get digging,hopefully the weather clears up,good luck everyone.

To give the newer swingers a few ideas…
My first spot was going to be a lake-side boat ramp and swimming area, although this has produced a few decimals, it was only constructed in the mid 1980’s, isn’t used all that much and has been worked hard. Anything like this near a major centre would certainly be worth a visit.

So I’ll be going for plan B
A older touristy scenic reserve next to a waterfall, where people can sit on the grass and admire the waterfall as the change just pours out of their pockets!

Plan C will be the sand/grass boundary at the top of the local beach, immediately opposite the shops.

Well… So close, but no cigar. Try again tomorrow

Attempt #2 was a little better this morning. Managed to lift a reasonable handful of coppers, a 1958 thruppence and four 10cents, won’t enter them in the comp though and will sit this one out to hopefully tempt some newer members into having a crack.


Got one …1980

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