New Zealand based metal detector dealers

Below is a list of dealers in NZ selling metal detectors. This wiki page can be edited by anyone who would like to add more dealers to the list. Any discussions about dealers should be posted as replies below the wiki page.

Jacobs Digital - Minelab, Garrett, XP (Sole NZ Distributor) and Gold Century dealer. Retail Shop & Online.

DredgeNZ - Minelab dealer

Garrett New Zealand - Garrett dealer

Puiaki Supply - Fisher dealer

Blaxall & Steven - Minelab dealer

earthSCAN - Teknetics and Cors Labs dealer

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Added Puiaki Supply. Friendly service and fast replies.

Garrett NewZealand - good range available

Gday ladies and gents heres a link to my new Website with some prices etc…it has a gallery and social media section that ill be adding to etc! flick me an email or add me on Facebook if i can help you out with any Nokta or Makro gear! cheers.


I am disappointed to share that i found Blaxall and Steven in Christchurch to be atrocious at after sales service and customer service. I cant use the words here that i would like to regarding their after sales service. Purchased a new sdc from them and after literally a few minutes in water and sdc is 3 weeks old ( less than 1/2 way up its shaft ) its a very sick squawking unhappy unit. Blaxall and Steven really didnt give a s–t, it took a lot of persistence and threatening re consumer law etc before they started to behave like a responsible retailer. I really wish i had purchased elsewhere. i hate to think how bad they would be if it was 6 months or a year old.

Also had great service from Puiaki Supply.

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I had the opposite expense with Chris @ DetectNZ, but a similar experience with a ‘bathtub curve’ failure on my SDC.

Although mine was with the highly regarded koss headphones the unit shipped with, the terminal fell away from the headphone wire on first install, literally new out the box the day before and the first mission into the goldfields, I hadn’t even taken a step from the truck yet!, obviously a fault from the factory as it was all very clean like it was meant to do that and what I suspect would be a quite rare occurance, sent them back to Chris and he sent me a new pair straight away, his speed at dealing with problems and level of communication is far better than mine and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

The only thing he can’t help you with is where the hottest hot spots to find those elusive ounce nuggets are, but I’m sure if he knew he would tell.

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It is incredible how stupid the front line staff at some retailers can be. The answer is always…Mention the Consumers G. Act. Don’t argue with the minnows. Demand they point you in the managers direction.
I’ve never had a problem with senior staff, have always ended up with a vastly better resolution than anticipated. If the buggers even suspect you’ll go hard, they bend over backwards to make sure you are a happy customer.