Public Fossicking areas information/collaboration idea!

Hi all,had this idea for a while now,thought I’d run it pass all you guys and you to Gav.
We constantly get requests from community members old and new about where to dig/camping /safe access in our public fossicking areas and we are constantly repeating the same info in different threads which everyone has to scroll through.
Why don’t we simply set up a tread for each fossicking area (17 of) which everyone of us can contribute to,telling of our experience in each area and info on where to find or not find gold.
This would make it a lot easier to access this combined information especially if your visiting an area for the first time.
This information could also be accessed as a new link under a fossicking area map under locations/fossicking area directly below the permit map link button so you can click on the permit link or the info link,could be a good resource for all our members.Information could also include safe access/parking/hazards/GPS co ords/camping facilities/toilets etc.
Would be keen to hear what you guys think?


That does seem a good idea and especially an easy to find map on here of the fossicking areas clearly showing their extent so that people know their bounds and dont stray from them onto DoC land, private land or claims.

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The basic idea seems ok at first and full of goodwill but is anyone who is finding gold here really going to tell the world. All the budding prospectors in Europe and Australia would think it was gift week and plan their NZ prospecting holidays accordingly. I do agree it would be good to find a way to reduce the repeat posts though.


Sounds like a great Idea to me, it would be especially handy for us North Island members that don’t get down South very often and rely on internet research to find out what the various places are like, and to stop us newbies cluttering up this wonderful Forum with our many questions, that as you say may have been answered many times already :slight_smile:

Tell them nothing , there’s more than enough information out there already , for repeat questions point them to the nzpam website .

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I really like the sound of this idea, not having to look for marker posts which may or may not be there and studying maps which do not show a heap of details regarding the legal boundaries of the sites has to be helpful to all. Where to park and where the track starts, all helpful to folk from outside these areas. I spent hours identifying sites which I could camp at or nearby, take my dog while being an abiding citizen. On the whole most of us are happy to share information with those we meet up a creek, kind of goes with the flow. A few yarns, and the odd tall story is all a part of the gold hunting experience.
So its a big yes from me.

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Sounds good to me. Those with the knowledge to share, feel free to kick it off.

We can have “wiki” pages where the top post on the thread can be made into a wiki so anyone can edit and contribute to the core info (the first post, at the top), general comments being added as normal thread. This could be used for each location page (I can convert to a wiki if not sure now to do it, or have a play in the Sandbox if you’re curious).

I have tried a few wiki pages myself, but I don’t think enough people are used to the idea, so I’m probably the only person to have edited them so far e.g. New Zealand based metal detector dealers

Perhaps we should add the fossicking area pages with the standard title, like: Lyell Creek [Public Fossicking area]

Once they have enough info, I’ll link them up from the Public Gold Fossicking Areas - New Zealand Gold Prospecting & Fossicking page like @Mal suggested.


So for an example, earlier this year I dragged the caravan over to Franz Joseph only to be told at the information center the swing bridge giving foot access to that Fossicking site was washed out and negotiating the gorge was not an safe option, could have better spent my three days else where and saved on fuel. This sort of information would be very helpful.


Sounds good to me, happy to contribute.

Im all for a yarn with fellow prospectors that I bump into along they way , but helping the masses online that will read this stuff is stupid , if a forum member has questions why not send a few pm,s .

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I see your point pete and you are entitled to it but I thought the whole idea of this community forum was to promote and share the enjoyment of our hobby,not sure who the masses are?Many families etc give gold fossicking a couple of goes,most give up and say at least they gave it a try but its very hard to even get a little colour in these public fossicking areas especially if your a newbie so this extra info would be of help I reckon.

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It would be nice to have a few photo’s of each fossicking area. And some other general info.

Especially useful as many run onto private claims!

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OK ,so sounds like a goer then,great to hear people are happy to contribute(except for sootypete ya buzzkill…lol…each to there own).
Hey Gav I will try to create one thread at a time for each fossicking area and maybe start at the top of the south Island and work south?
We can always add in interactive maps and images at a later date once we have enough content?
I will hold off for a while just in case there is a ground swell of opposition to the idea from our member,see how the idea floats over the weekend.
Members could also post in there youtube vids and any pics they have of each accommodation near by etc


Im not against helping a few people at all , done it a few times & received info my self but there,s a big difference to helping those that contribute & some randoms that wouldn’t even no anything about the sight or much about nz or any correct etiquette , maybe im not understanding this correctly but isn’t wiki global ?? . Mal I like your enthusiasm but to put it another way lets say you found your best hunting or fishing spot , would you seriously put that online for all to see ?

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I do not think it is a case of sharing the best fishing spot but rather identifying and showing the Public Fossicking Areas so that people know where to go.
Do you actually think this will cause a gold rush? I should think not. I was around when gold escalated from $35 an ounce through to $300 an ounce over a very short period of time and everyone thought it was going to create a gold rush - well we are still waiting for it to happen! In other words no more will go to the Fossicking (Blasted Spell check thing wants to change this word to ‘fossilizing’) places than go there now BUT it will make it easier to find them after all if you intend going to the Fossicking sites then rest assured you are going to do just that regardless of the research to identify and locate them!
It is to EVERONES advantage to identify the Gold Fossicking spots; -

  1. You know where you are legally entitled to go
  2. You know the boundaries of that area in which you can fossick
  3. You are not going to accidentally encroach on someones claim which they paid for
  4. You are not going to accidentally encroach on a DoC area and be verbally assaulted by an obnoxious little bastard who thinks hes Noballs or was that Goeballs - shit I have forgotten how to spell the name, who works for DoC and is overpaid to be a petty prick who given a little authority thinks hes the f***** Gestapo
  5. You can plan a trip knowing where you are next going to fossick legally and even though its new country no obnoxious objectionable homosexual text book dickhead can harass you…and if you want to keep ‘your’ fishing spot then it sure in hell wont be a Public Fossicking area so CLAIM IT or get together a group to claim it.

Better still as a group harrass the politicians to reintroduce the MINERS RIGHT so good old Kiwis and visitors can buy one each year and go onto the wider DoC estate with pan and shovel subject to rules as suggested and lsited in another thread.
New Zealands going to the f****** dogs - no rights for the sheeples any more.Baaaaaa

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Im just thinking of the guys that do only go to the fossicking areas (im not one of them) , I mostly hunt public land got good spots , would I want anyone to publish that on wiki lol , I carnt see the diff when it comes to fossicking areas , only time I start blabbing is when iv been at the pub to long …the pub is more preferable than wiki for a start wiki wont shout you a pint :slight_smile:

don’t think publishing info would do any harm. don’t think anyone is going to make a fortune on the public areas. just save a lot of time and hassle if its here. I know there are a lot of public areas I haven’t been to because of lack of information on the site, access etc.

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As it stands at the moment if you type in a fossicking area into google search our paydirt community threads come up anyway,so all we post and comment is in effect openly accessible now anyway,its just you have to scroll through a mass of threads and comments to try and get any information.What I’m suggesting would simply correlate any info and a single topic for each location.
Personally my family and I only get 4-8 days a year to go gold fossicking if that and we only go on public fossicking areas at this stage,so any good information I can get to increase my chances of getting a little gold is much appreciated,saves a lot of wasted/precious time especially when visiting a new area.
I would say a fair few other community members would be in the same boat.
If someone was foolish enough to post the exact location of their honey hole then that’s their bad and our gain I guess.
I think some good points have been made by all in regard to informing the general public about making sure they fossick in the correct locations and not on other peoples claims also promoting good ethics in regards to respecting each prospectors own dig areas,filling in ya holes,not damaging vegetation or the natural environment,taking rubbish home,not crapping everywhere etc.
This could be included in a standardized introduction on every location to promote good practice as the DOC website doesn’t mention anything on this sort of thing.
If we as a community can be seen as promoting good and ethical practices(and helpful info) on our public fossicking areas I think this would put us in good stead if we wish to lobby govt for additional fossicking sites and/or miners rights in the future.Food for thought…ummmm I’m getting hungry now…off to see if there is any roast leftovers!!:blush:

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Good summary here Mal, I think you have covered the topic very well. Hope you found that roast leftover.