Garrett Dealers in NZ

Any others apart from Tactical Solutions?
They seem overpriced and not that interested in the ‘little people’.

Does anyone import from Aussie/USA?

I have had good experiences dealing with Tactical Solutions, hate to burst that bubble, needed some spare parts for my AT gold (I lost the plastic nut that holds the coil on), and I have bought a sniper coil from them, price was about the same as what it would have costed had I imported it myself, but they had it in stock and I had it in a couple of days down in Blenheim.

I would shop there again. (If I hadn’t drunk the minelab koolaid)

Okay, cool. I’ll send a followup email. Someone has pointed out that most MD parts would zap me for GST through Customs anyway so yeah, probably works out evens, minus overseas warranty issues.

Tactical Solutions replaced a faulty coil under warranty on the spot for me.
Helps if you get served by the guy who is a hobby detectorists.

There’s also Garrett New Zealand. Here’s a list of suppliers across brands - New Zealand based metal detector dealers

:slight_smile: That Garrett link is Tactical T/A Garrett NZ.

Had a reply back from them, so communication channels now open.