Mudwiggling through 2020

Hunt #14 - Pleasant hour at a quiet “locals spot”

Lot of old deep lead, might go back for a wade later. A huge gold heart-stopper bling earring and eyeballed a synthetic ruby in the gravels, lit up in the morning sun like a traffic light. Hardness checks out against glass easily, but too optically perfect under the microscope to be a natural unfortunately.
I see The Warehouse has a similar size and cut synthetic for sale in a white gold ring, so guessing that’s a possible source.
All in all happy with the result.
Back in the water tomorrow…


Hunt #15 - Revisiting The Bay of Georges.
Not a fantastic low tide, but beaches always have something, regardless of how hard they’ve been worked.
Didn’t bother detecting my way round the coast this time, just hiked around the rocks at pace arriving an hour before low. Already had a sweat on, and standing in a sun-trap, windless bay wasn’t helping.
Steady supply of lead this time, which I’d mostly ignored on my last visit, but a few coins in amongst it. Nothing special, couple of NZ pennies and a G4 thrup. Very much worse for wear, and only identifiable by his curly locks. Still, it’s a placeholder in my collection - got all his loose change now, just need the big silvers and golds :slight_smile:
Eyeballed a ring sunbathing just before the coil saw it, big rock, but it’s all purest kiddie-bling. Didn’t mind as aiming for a ring per hunt this year and this kept the streak going.
Tide on the rise I headed back to the car, emptied the bag and decided to just check out the wee bit of a bay just beside where I parked. Stacks of brass/copper keel strips - Left those in another stack at the seawall, although unearthed an ancient green crusty gold. That’ll do me.
Got back to the car to find the radiator had shat itself in my absence, so a dash 'n fill trip home, rad cap loosened, bonnet cracked and heater on full bore (great fun in these temps!) got me home with only one top up stop - Haven’t done this since my old Ford Scrote in the early eighties.

Empty the bag…

And a quick rinse:

Stars of the show


lots of targets,ive got a sore back just thinking about digging them…

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Wow you are a hoover.nice picking.

Absolute stunner of a ring from this morning, back with owner already.


Finishing off a bottle at a nearby waterhole. Kept the ring streak going with a stainless wonder, and a 925 spinner…along with lots of other spinners.
Tucked a numberplate in the BCD to hand in, but it’d gone by the time I got ashore - No chance of finding it at the moment while it’s all stirred up, might go back for a snorkel later.

Video of porridge here:


I can see that if you like fishing you will never want for fishing lures, wobblers and spinners again! The fact that many are the same might indicate that one person has lost them.

Great hunting…and in this heat too!

How is the sword restoration going? Be most interested to see when finished…fabulous find. Love the old relics.

@Coilpower - Wasn’t too hot under 3m of water :wink: Waiting to hear back from the Pros regarding the “sword” - Will likely take time for them to find the right person and dust them off ready for the light of day…

@Lammerlaw - The black and golds are well known for this spot, No doubt at least one is mine. The pinks are Warehouse I think, hence the 15kg line on one of them!

Ring recovery at Kai Iwi, random swinger had been through there in the last couple of days, and missed it :slight_smile:
Since I was there, took the scuba for a dip over the dropoff - certainly the place to go if you need bottle caps, hair ties and plasters…Lots and lots of plasters :nauseated_face:


Now there’s nothing wrong with an 18 carat Tiffany ring MW. Tick that off the bucket list.
Got a weight?, Green with envy. :blush:

No idea what the weight was - You’ll have to ask the owner :slight_smile:

As you might have guessed, I’ve been on leave this last week, and set myself the goal of digging a ring every hunt, excluding recovery jobs, as well as $100 in goldies.

I almost got there.

The rings were achieved, only one gold but got a couple of silvers.

The goldies… I was in the water most of the time and didn’t have a dedicated coin shoot until this afternoon, pulling $24. Had I focussed on the goldies a little harder I think I would have made it. Final whistle blew with $66 in the trusty margarine tub.

Back to work tomorrow, dammit.


Hey everyone is entitled to pull a sicky every month or so I thoroughly recommend it BUT dont recommend what I did back about 1977 - I pulled a sicky then got my photo in the paper on the first day of the sicky and the second day was observed in my 8 foot pram dinghy flouder spearing and whitebaiting down at the river.

nice going some good stuff.

i had a pram dingy too 8 feet orange in colour in the inside,i had a 4hp johnson twinrun it for two summers always thought it was underpowered ,one day the second cylinder kicked in i was sat all the way back and it just burried the back end for a second.

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Mine was orange inside and out. Made of plywood. Long gone - my brother in law borrowed it and his cows trampled it and being ‘one of those types’ he wouldn’t replace it.

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Been too long, so skipped work early and headed for the salty shore. Worth it. Kept the ring streak going too.
image image


Is your horse lead or Bakelite? Nice haul!

Lead. Found two from the same set in a beach just around the corner, although well crusted due to exposure to air, so suspect same careless kiddy.

Rings came up nice. The Nike ring has some heft to it.