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Mothmyth's mad scientist page

Ok who blemembers Cease a Me street ?

One of these things is not like the others;
One of these things just isn’t the same

I believe she is called “my eyes are up here”
Guess who got a 3d printer for fathers day ?

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A Haiku for you
You who might be listening
Counting sylables

Counting silly bulls
The poet works his magic
You know who you are

Weird possibilities abound from these subassemblies. Pointy hat shapes seem to be currently popular, commonly seen on steriotypical witches but more properly considered as the traditional Welsh costume headress.

I think the Welsh hat you’re referring to is the flat-top “stovepipe”… some had leeks though.

And just to fuel your voracity for similar things, I just found a 1970’s copy of Chaney and Skee’s Plaster Mold and Model Making. Following on from my time working with Crown Lynn, my penchant for slip casting has been inexhaustible…

I am curious about these characters who have not yet been introduced?

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These are bits and ideas not yet fully formed

And for anyone wishing to throw their hat into the ring, hair is a closeup…

Just in case anyone is wondering why the quantity of disturbing figurenes has decreased of recent thymes…
Well an opportunity arose to mark engineering papers at the local polytechnical institute, so i have been gainfully occupied, on a regular basis, of recent times.
Oh and the Pinochioid longnose beasties, i know not where they came from, for they belong to my mysterious flat mate.

I think she might beef inished


I speel a fider in the wind.

Eyeboils in the making.

Furl Hours.

Whilst sometimes random collections of spare parts get together and party.

The “ayes” have it

Do you think you could make some clay pipes… As in the ones that were made 1600_1900’s

Clay pipes, yes i think i have seen some u-chew-b vids on how they whir maid. I will give it a go.

Finished my years work so i have had time to explore sphere making. And started to clear our new garden area of metal rubbish with the mettle detector.
So here is the table tonight.

Borris, whose mother was a starfish and whose father was a tarantula, was lying on his back contemplating his mortality, when he realised that he could not turn himself back over.


Which is better ?

Someone did find a creature
Dey thort it was a duck
Dey put it on dirt able
With its legsies stickin up

A small selection of my tabled blobjects.

And when i dig the garden to plant things with the metal detector put away on a shelf inside the flat, i still find bits of metal.

With flasher ?

Or without ?

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