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Mothmyth's mad scientist page

Fair enough too, He’s already done a few Chris’s :laughing: That MW drawing is spot on by the way… Except I don’t recall ever posing nude.

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Oh that drawing is delightful. I shall be having a go.
Sort of an arch-detector-opterix ?

The mudwiggle in progress

Dogodile likes his fine pearly white gnashers

Looking good I’ve seen one in real life but it had 6 toes

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And the hairy palms, don’t forget the hairy palms…

Im not sure i can do hairy palms, i was plane ning on a flightless be-yerd type of a creature, seeing as we live in the land of the long white flock of flightless be-yerds.
But then again, HAIRY PALMS, in some waze it seems like too good an hop-pour-chew- knit-tea two miss.

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Ok here is a haiku riddle about my flatmate.

Shaken not stirr-ed
Coffee with difficulty
Counting to zero.

So have i captured the beastie ?


Such a shame it wouldn’t survive an unfired journey to the wild North Lands. Love it!

I have found a shop that fires things so, though it might take a while, your wishes may be granted.

Mate you have idea how close the resemblance is

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Now about those hairy palms, are they like a coconut tree - A large palm with hairy balls ?

Bullring ?
Sorry the pic is upsidedown.


Well that turned out more difficult than i expectorated.

Is it a teacock or a peaspoon ?

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Both teacock and peaspoon are well documented members of the Spoonerism sub-species

“It’s a spoon, Bill.”

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Spoon bum or spoonbum


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No Haiku of late;

Shit-uation remedied;

Enjubilate now.

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Another Haiku;
Formed in a mind, demented;
So give me the clap.