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Metal detector wanted

My mate in the north island is after another metal detector so if anyone is selling one contact me first I will give you his contact number cheers

What type of detecting? Gold nugget or coins & relics? Not all detectors are equal & no one detector does it all. Although the Minelab Equinox 800 would have to be the pick for all round detecting & at a good price too. It ain’t too shabby on small gold either.

And that is with the 11" standard coil.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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He hunts gold
Not sure I know he likes garret so if you are selling can give you his phone number

how much does he want to spend,i have a teknetics t2 limited addition with 5 inch sniper coil, its as new.

Don’t really know but he may be interested will give you his phone number best time to get him is evening around 7pm name Steve leach 078637412

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It’s a small world. I know of Steve Leach from Waihi. I think his best bet would be a VLF gold detector for the Coromandel area. It is very hard country for gold detecting. Not just the steep busy terrain either but lots of hot mineralised ground & basalt hot rocks. The only gold I found detecting for gold in the Coromandel was going over my dredging tailings pile. Yes those dredging episodes got me in trouble with environment Waikato thanks to a nark…Again the Equinox 800 would be my pick. It comes with an aftermarket 5" coil for getting into those tight spots & great for tiny gold. Large gold too of course, if it is there. Has very good discrimination on iron & VDI number readouts too. I don’t currently have any detectors for sale. My last one I sold this year was an EQ 800. I sold it too damn cheap to. It had hardly been used. I had ended up with two of them. The Minelab GM 1000 could be worth a look from him as well. More a gold only detector but I think using one in the Coromandel would drive him nuts with lots of false signals. Comes with two coils. A 5" round & a 10" x 5.5". Both Double D coils. Very simple to use. Both detectors are light weight as opposed to any of the Minelab Pulse Induction detectors or the GPZ 7000. With the VLF detectors you’re not tethered to the detector with a battery curly cord. Which is a real pain in steep busy terrain. Hope that is of some help. Cheers

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Steve and ray at some stage will be down to South Island again got himself a caravan we have been mates for over 30 years I will pass that onto him cheers