Metal Detector Wanted!

Ideally would like to buy the SDC2300 - but it may be out of my price range.
The second idea (I am a first time buyer) is the Gold Monster 1000.

If anyone has either of those up for sale?

PM sent :slight_smile:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

I am looking to get my first dectector.
I am hoping to find something that will allow me to fossick in the public areas as well as going to local beaches for a looksie for lost trinkets.
From what I can see, these are possible options but it:
AT pro
Mine lab CTX3030
Mine lab Gpx-4500 or box 800
Monster 1000
To be honest - I have no clue but any advice would be appreciated

Equinox 800 would be the best bet for what you’re asking as a beginner, very user friendly and will hold resale reasonably well. I would also recommend the 6" coil for doing wild gold.

Have a yarn to Dan at @chdanz He’s very helpful and gives excellent service.


I agree totally with Mudwiggle & can fouch for the Nox 800 & for Dan’s service. Your best bet for a fantastic all round detector that won’t break the bank. When I say an all round detector I am meaning it does very well at detecting for gold out in the gold fields & for beach & park detecting for the trinkets. Usually detectors that are made to do a bit of both gold detecting & coin/relic detecting excel better at one form than the other. But the Nox 800 is deadly at both.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for the quick response guys.
I saw on another thread that Dan tends to be very helpful. My partner is also interested in purchasing one too so if we had two (a mix) would you suggest he get the same or would it be better to pair it with a different one that we could use. We have our birthdays in a week or so and are planning to go to Tasman/westcoast for a weekend to have a poke around. We aren’t sure if it’s better to focus our time in the public fields in tasman or the west coast.
We are pretty excited about it. Lockdown stopped our little road trips for a while.

I would be tempted to get two Nox 800’s.
If one unit goes down for any reason, you don’t need to learn how to drive the other. Rule of thumb is allow a solid 10 hours to start to get to know any machine.


Thanks so much for your help.
I called Dan and a Nox 800 is on it’s way in the post. Decided to get one at this stage and squabble over taking turns. Also grabbed a couple of pans for our trip.



It arrived!! Just put it together and its charging for our trip!! Super excited


If this is your first detector there might be a bit of a learning curve to getting it sussed. Good luck.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: