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"Mal's Gold Adventures"

Do you mean to say that theres going to be a swingers party and l am not invited - what a miserable sod not to invite me. I was going to bring my power tool to though the battery goes flat quickly.

Hi Mal,
I’ll be heading past Ross on the 30th if your digging a hole I’d be keen to help for an hour and have a yarn. Hopefully will see you out on the creek.
Cheers Scott

My next video is just out …dredge mission in Central Otago …footage from early in the season if finally edited…please check it out…


Love that rock puller.

Yep …100% ACC approved …not!!

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Could you get me some details on that winch? Been looking for something like that myself

One of a kind I’m afraid.

Check out HTC tools & equipment. The little honda capstan winches are fantastic. I’ve used one for years. 13kg. Drags a 1.5 ton boulder around easily. Use a snatch block to double the pull.

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Dont mess about just go get a lewis chainsaw winch, wicked bit of kit super long cable, very fast and pulls harder then a teenage boy.
Add in a snatch block and they handle rather large boulders easy as.