"Mal's Gold Adventures"

Hi all,unfortunately my life run of never hurting myself came to screaming halt yesterday when a fellow soccer player stood on my ankle and snapped my Achilles tendon.

Apparently its a long road to recovery(hopefully all good again by mining season!)so I will be relying on you all to post some good gold and adventures to keep me from losing my S#@T.
I have been working on some youtube tutorial videos on the basics of gold prospecting tips for youngsters and newbies wanting to get into prospecting…here my first one “How to pan for Gold”

Next one will cover where gold is typically found in a river and will cover some info on the public fossicking areas.
Anyone else have any suggestions on what topics I might like to cover?
My daughter has spent most of the day turning my foot cast into a mural and wants to glue some of my gold flecks on to give it some bling…settle down girl!!.. no way…lol

Check these out too!

and this one too!

cheers all!!

Best of luck on the recovery… Cabin fever worse than the injury

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how to set up a sluice would be good for a newbie to know


Aw bugger - Mal (aka Limpalong Lightfoot) is incarpissatated - what a bastard. Didn’t anyone tell you that tiddlywinks is a safer game for those who are accident prone…I think.
Hmm maybe it isn’t. I just remembered that I was in our front room playing tiddlywinks with my Dutch girlfriend and making a noise and my old man thought we were doing something nefarious…like feeling each other up and came in and then the fireworks began…no you stick to rugby. It’s safer.
Bad luck Mal - you will be right for the new gold fossicking season.

Thanks all…yep few months of rehab and I’ll be back at it…never really injured myself before…always commando’ rolled outa of most situations…yep stick to individual pursuits like gold prospecting from now on I think …gotta shut down my building business for a while and just do plans and design…which means hours upon hours on the bl#@dy computer…aaarrrhhh!!!

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I found it wasn’t the design and the computer work . it was dealing with the council that got me.

Well Keith…I usually turn up to council with my plans at morning smoko …complete with coffees and hash cookies…they always pass…lol


those hash cookies are great for smoko on the hill. always get heaps of gold after that but by the time I get home its all fallen out of the pan. never have found that hole in the bottom of the pan.

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At least they didn’t kick and break your knob Mal…all the best for the recovery

Hi Mal, sorry re your injury mate. Life does suck sometimes, especially when self employed. Hope recovery goes well, do follow the professionals in regards to rehab exactly, I’ve known too many who think they know better and never healed correctly. I am also me own boss and 2 years ago had shoulder surgery, had to close my landscaping business for 3 months with no help from ACC, but religiously followed the surgeons guidelines and fully recovered. Take it easy, Ben.

Thanks guys …Kiwikeith…ya sure it wasn’t hash browns and magic mushrooms you were eating …lol…that would easy make you lose your sh#t out of your pan.:star_struck:
Yeah correct Mangrove…pretty difficult to put a cast on that body part…hehe.
Too right BPTpaint48 will follow to the letter my rehab process…can’t haul out gold with a bung foot…
thanks all…might buy my wife a nurses uniform too …hehe.


the uniform wont help the rehab. try a short skirt for when she is bending over panning while you are recovering on the bank

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Yeah I ran it past her but no on both counts…she will not pan or wear a short skirt for me…probably for the best though Keith hehe:yum::yum:…good luck with your recovery too Keith!!..shorely with a couple of stents and a dayly disprin you should be back at it in no time…here’s hoping…going under the knife tomorrow…will make sure I check all the info on the clipboard is correct…I don’t want to wake up talking like I inhaled helium and then discover they accidentally removed my balls…lol


@Mal that sucks, hope it’s a smooth recovery! I did mine a few years back too. At least it’s over winter - hopefully good to go by mid summer :wink:

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Finally back on two feet again!.its been a long winter of Netflix,gold rush re-runs n youtube replays.
But back getting fit again on the bike and pool ready for up coming season which will hopefully see me down in the South Island a lot more this year for some more adventures.
Good luck for the up coming season everyone!

ACC sent me a golden knee scooter!!..lol!!


send it back and tell them you want the motorised version , preferably in 4wd

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lol…yeah with a metal detector stand and gun rack!!..beer holder too!!


Even sweeter then old nek minute scooter lol.

did they give ya the strap on pirate pegleg aswell? mate got given that last year to get to the maimai with busted achilles was rather entertaining

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The kids at the local skate park would love to give that a bit of real workout, imagine what tricks they could do.