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Kwikeiths west coast places

Great news well done hopefully it stays away for good

no sorry its not going to do that. its just time before it rears its head. so make the most of it while i can

Very good news
Christmas has been n gone

Make the most of every day. Did l miss something? When did you panel beat iron horse and cadge wagon. Is that recently?
Regarding this Big C business - didnt anyone tell you that only the good die young? That means that you’ve got years to go yet.

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it was over 5 years ago .
and yes i know im going to live for ever. at least i will have someone to keep me company .
doc never told me which christmas

Owww…oh dear that’s not going to duff out Keith…lol…good to hear your doing better and through your chemo…I heard chemo makes your nuts drop off…but its ok…as I think yours will grow back again in time…big n shiney as ever…lol…

I knew you had a mishap with iron horse a year or two ago…l just thought you may have been a serial psycho behind the wheel…a bit like someone l know who in his first year of driving wrote three cars off with his Landrover. The Landrover had a mind of its own.
It’s good to see you have a new lease of life so we might see you yet. My son was over your way a while ago. His cobbers parents bought the Westport New World.

Does chemo do that? I heard that the radiation can work it’s way down to the end of the old joystick and make it glow in the dark sort of like a glow worm

yep you are right there lammerlaw. radiation gets right in there, even to the stage of it gives of a bright glow in the dark. but the good side is great for walking in the bush hands free. and no batteries. when walking along a track at night just pull your pockets inside out and people will think there an elephant loose. the other side is its great for in dark places, (tunnels and caves, other places come to mind as well) just as well its dosnt give of to much heat.


The heat comes from your hand. :rofl:
Take care mate & good to see you still have your sense of humour.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Its a bit of a bastard though when those DoC wombles are stalking you - no night vision gear needed to see you. You just cant hide - of course if you wear clothing with a warning ‘Danger - Hightly Radioactive - Do not approach closer than 100 metres’ you should be safe.
Reminds me of the internet article about the Radioactive Boy Scout.