Kwikeiths west coast places

just setting up a site to let you all know where to find gold on the coast or should I say where I have found colour


Always happy to hear your tips mate :slight_smile:

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Hi, Do you have a link to this site? I am looking for more river, inland sites.

I live on the West Coast and you will find placer gold on just about every beach from the mouth of the Buller to Westland. But you need to have gold fever real bad or a lot of time on your hands,and good eyesight… The gold is at mini micron level.

If you are still interested the gold is concentrated where to sand is blackest. Just shallow scoop this into your pan or box.

On the other hand most of the beaches have current claims. Some don’t worry if it is just a pan or two, others will see you off.

I would like to hear from any one with a quick, easy way to separate the basalt [the black sand] from the mix. There will be some iron sand that can be removed with a magnet, but the basalt has an S.G.nearer to gold, and is not magnetic

up behind my place looking for gold found a very large hole instead. just as well we had a winch on the truck


The basalt might be Diamagnetic. If you place some very strong magnets in a certain way (eg an inverted V) you may be able to get a better concentrate.

Gold is conductive so some kind of electrostatic separation may also aid you:

Actually, thinking about the magnetic thing, gold won’t want to move, so it would be better to have a shallow (so the basalt can easily be driven away) central groove for the gold to settle into, then have the magnets under this, they will drive off the lighter basal (provided it is Diamagnetic).


here we are at macley river shot a goat on the way in while my mate went for a fish I washed some moss with surprising results…some good fine gold


Is the Toyota I can see downgrading or is that upgrading?

not to sure its just quicker to get on and off when you see an animal, its quite a way though from denniston to the macley on one of these things.

Finds gold, puts shades on :sunglasses:

tad had to put on the shades so much gold shining brightly in the sun.

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Apparently some guys sell magnets for sluices already.


5 mins in the rivers here that would be full of black sand,

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Sell it to the Steel Mill.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that the sluice magnet would pick up black sand ok UNTIL it is so saturated that it blocks the sluice AND small gold would also get dragged up when there were large accumulations of black sand - I know that as I experimented with the same idea as far back as the end of the 1960s and early 1970s…yes it works no it doesnt! You would be far better to my way of thinking to run the lot over serated or grooved amalgum plates - that is corrugated copper plates with mercury on them…the black sand would keep going and the small gold would get caught by the mercury. The magnets would be ok if the gold is larger but not small flakes and colours.

Yes, you’d need to clear it. Ideally it would mostly be for purifying concentrates.
But a self cleaning design like this migh work:

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yep there is gold in that valley but haven’t worked out where it is coming from


just another day at the office up denniston and we got some gold


crossing the mt William stream on the way into the macley and yes there is gold in this creek if you have the balls to get there


you go to some pretty cool places keith. looks like a nice spot at the top of your photo just below the rapid.

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old bridge up deep creek with some old bugger in the photo. just another day in the office trying for gold