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Gold price is up!

Well fuck…I am poor…destitute, bankrupt, insolvent, financially embarrassed. I will have to keep working for another ten years…oops I forgot that I retired 25 years ago come December.
I nearly bought 3kgs of gold a few months ago when it was $58,000 a kg and last week was kicking myself that I didnt BUT I don’t mind if it goes down as I told someone yesterday I would buy 5 ounces from them if they need a few dollars at spot minus 5 percent.

Hi Dave, No…no gun club within miles of where this gold came from. 2 hours drive from Queenstown & no visible road within site of this very isolated gully. It has been very kind to me over the years until it was no longer producing gold to me, even with the minelab GPZ 7000. But…bring on these now not so new Russian made X coils for the GPZ 7000 it is game on all over again. Minelab only ever made the two coils for the Zed. The standard 14" coil & later the 19" coil. They said they would make a smaller 10" type size coil but never did. There are many gold bearing places that you just can’t swing the 14" coil. Let alone the 19" coil. The Russians gave me three of their coils to trial here in NZ,

& well…the results have blown me away. Opened up my old grounds all over again. Exciting times. Minelab of course aren’t impressed. Gold in the poke is all that matters to me no matter who or what provide the technology. Thank you Russia for these coils.

Good luck out there.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi Graeme, For the places & oldtimer pot hole type diggings that I detect the opposite is sort of the case for me. The gold comes in patches & the bloody shotgun pellets are just everywhere in the old workings. This is because the old workings are now covered in briar rose & thyme bushes & the habitat of quad zillions of rabbits. So the workings are just peppered with pellets.

I have got into the habit of if the signal has moved after only one light surface scrape, I put the target down to being a very shallow surface sitting shotgun pellet, & move on without recovering it. The gold generally lives on down a wee bit deeper…but not always. It becomes a judgement call on the sound of the signal & the type of ground it is in. From past experience from detecting these areas I have a good knowledge of where the gold hot spots are & so give those areas very thorough & methodical attention. It pays off. As in the results above & below.

Some crazy small gold, but at a bit of depth.

I am going back tomorrow & will be fitting a larger coil to see if any larger, deeper bits of gold are present. They have been in the past & so I am hoping the Russian coil can sniff them out if they do exist at depth. Hopefully the larger coil won’t be so sensitive to the shotgun pellets. I did find an old timers pocket knife in these workings that would have been “lost” here in the mid 1860’s with the GPZ 7000 & standard minelab 14" coil. It was down three feet & in pretty bad shape, but a pretty cool find nonetheless. I knew it wasn’t going to be gold as I used my Gold Bug 2 to pinpoint the target & it was telling me it was iron junk. I am always in the habit of digging all signals regardless as often an iron target can be masking a gold target. That has happened to me too many times. I thought the pocket knife was a nice find any way & it sits in my china cabinet on display with other cool & odd finds outside of gold. Unfortunately there was on this occasion no gold once the pocket knife was recovered.


JW :cowboy_hat_face:


nice, go the Russian coils, Russians have always produced good solid tech.

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Next moment everyone will be russian off to get one.
I have always had a lot of respect for anything Russian. Our farm vehicle is a Lada and it’s been bogged, gone into water races and had all sorts of ill treatment and still goes…sort of. Russian firearms are superb as well. I think that we pretty much ignored Russian stuff due to Western world propaganda but give me Russian machinery before US or British any day.
For that reason alone perhaps I have no doubt that the Russian coils will be as good as they claim. What detectors do they come for?


I have heard that the Russian woman are pretty solid as well . keep Russian up to help .

No that reminds me - our neighbour who lives in the house right beside where a West Coast friend of mine happened to park his iron horse and self contained stagecoach when he came over to see me asked me to go over to fix her bed…shes always coming over to ask me to do things and a bloody nuisance.
So over I go and two legs had fallen off - I asked her “How in hell did this happen - do you get hyper active in bed with your boy friend?”
She told me that she didnt have a boy friend - secretly I was pleased!
“My son has been using it as a trampoline” - says she
I told her that beds are not designed for ten year old boys to use as trampolines and he was not to do it again AND the legs would have to be glued in with Gorilla Grip.
“I dont want them glued in just in case we ever shift”’ says she - its a state house
Ok I will put them back in and they should be ok but tell that boy not to use the bed as a trampoline - she got him into the room right away and I gave him a lecture - He said “Khuy tebe” - I dont know what that means but it probably means ‘Your a great guy mate’

One week later I am asked to go back over - this time there are three legs off - I tell the woman that this time whether she likes it or not they are going to be glued in…she accepts that.
I go home, get the glue, glue the legs on and then ask her to send the kid in - I give him another lecture. He took it well enough and on the way out makes what I can only assume was a nice compliment - he says “Poshel na khuy”

All goes well for another two weeks then I am asked over again - I asked if it is the bed “Yes she says, do you think you can fix it again?”
I take the glue over AGAIN - this time the bed only has two legs left - four have come off! The only two left are at the head - sort of looks like the raised tray of a dump truck! I am standing there thinking ‘Fuck me it looks like a dump truck’ - do they still have dump trucks? I havent seen one for ages???

I put the four legs back in - two of them are badly damaged. I tell her that it will be ok if she sleeps in it, doesnt entertain men and gives the sprog a good boot up the gunga if he even looks at the bed. I ask her to send the kid in - she does - I give him the customary lecture.
Hes a nice lad - he says something else to me on the way out " Nu vse, tebe pizda" then gets up the hall, turns into his bedroom and calls back, “Zasranec!”

I went up the North Island for a few weeks and come back and once again she comes across - “Could you come and look at my bed please?”
Ok so off I go - there are NO legs on it…far out…no legs at all. The base is on the ground! She tells me that when I was away several legs came off again and this time she had to get another neighbour to come and take the rest off - “What can I do?” she says.
I tell her that she has three options, just leave it on the ground which wont be good for moisture, buy a new one or put new legs on but buy really good strong ones that can never break.
She asks me if I can take her to look at beds. I wanted to go to town so off we go. We go to ‘My Mate Johns’ where theres all these cheaper and not so cheap import beds. She lies on every one and heres me looking at her on each bed and these two mounds (breasts) poking up and my over active ADHD mind thinking nefarious thoughts!
She opts to buy legs instead so off we go to Bunnings.

I pointed out six wooden legs and she got them plus a length of 20mm dowel and off we go home.

I did a bloody good job on the bed - drilled holes in the legs and corresponding holes in the bed base, cut dowel into 10cm lengths, insert lengths into both legs and base and then glue each leg in place and screw them so they can never come off. As I am screwing them I am looking at her - Hmmm screwing - nice thought. I was very proud of my effort and decided that I should be a Mr Fixit man and go around in a van with a big sign - Mr Fixit - ‘You Fuck it, I’ll Fix it’

Well the job is finally done - the boys standing there and so is her daughter. Now I am getting fed up with being called over there every five minutes so I says to her in front of her kids; -
“Here you had better get your clothes off”
“What on Earth for?” - she says.
“You and I are going to hop onto the bed and test it out”
Shes goes red like a beetroot but didnt take her clothes off - I was NOT pleased!.
I turn to the kids and say “Well I am over here more than I am at home so I am off home to pack my suitcase and I am coming over here to live. That bed looks really good to me”
The daughter says - “Hey thats great mum can Graeme be our dad?”
Mum goes red
The boys says to his mother “On prosto khochet trakhnut’ tebya” - Later a Russian friend told me that means more or less - “He just wants to f*** you” - well to be honest the kid DID get it right.

She left me alone for a full month and then over she comes “The fence fell over. Do you think you could come and have a look at it?”
Well here we go again.

So whats the moral of this story - Russian woman are indeed fairly solid and with gorgeous curves - these neighbours are Russians! Mind you that it does stand to reason that they are Russians because she always russian over to my place to get me to do things.


that must be a true story as you were over there last time I called in to see you

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Gold price is going DOWN! Dashed my aspirations of wealth and grandre… I was working in London on a 18th century vicarage restoration, two Russian guys turned up onsite looking for work,happened often,usually crack heads but these guys were keen as,we gave them a days work,they worked like men possessed (yep lammerlaw they were rush en) so the governor gave them full time work landscaping and digging drains for us,they were good guys,worked their arses off,first on site,last to leave…we taught them English,at least us kiwi’s did,the poms didn’t even talk to them,nothing really fazed them,one day while they were digging a drain line at the back of the section they simply disappeared…gone.boss thought they’d done a runner with some of our gear…but I could here shouting…be it faintly…I went over to their last location a saw a huge hole…they had both fallen down into a huge air raid shelter…they were ok…more work for them I guess filling it in using the site overburden…later that month I got on the piss with them at my leaving do…turns out they spoke good english when drunk…they opened up a bit ,it turns out they were from Croatia,they told me when they were young …solders came into their village and rounded up all the men aged 12 to 70 out in to forest and shot them all…these guys were spared because they were only 11 yrs old but they had to dig all the mass graves of their fathers,uncles,brothers and the ground was frozen solid and took many days…so that’s why they got so good at digging…they were just stoked not to be digging graves I guess!


90 percent true. I did say those things to her! She is well educated and lectured at Moscow University I understand - music. I would be too rough and ready for her. She is on an online dating site and has been for years after her Russian husband was deported and when I asked her why she hasnt got a man to do everything for her she told me that she has never corresponded or met one good enough. And yes the fence has been made and it took me a day and now she wants a gucking fate at the end of the fence…that can wait.

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Well that was a time warp. From Russian Coils to Russian Damsels. Great story Lammers. So better add my one. Many years ago in an other life I was a Police Youth Aid Officer. I got a referral in regard to a young fella that needed to be pointed in the right direction. So around to his address I went. Turned out his mother whom he lived with was from Russia. Very guttural with her English. She to had been on a dating site, and had left Russia to come to NZ to marry a Kiwi. Told me she had represented Georgia in rowing and had the physique and photo’s to prove it.which she showed me. The marriage didn’t work out. And her and the lad had left and come to Westport. The lad was born in Russia but spoke excellent English. All he needed was a bit of male direction, so I arranged to call in from time to time to mentor him. One day I went around and Mum said, How do you like my new teeth, and gave me a beeming smile. Well frig my days, her teeth had changed from white to solid gold, Both tops and bottoms. When she smiled it was like something from "The Terminator or Alien ". Hmmm very eye catching indeed I said. While I was trying to work out how many ounces she had stashed in her mouth. It was a bloody gold mine alright. Not to mention the two bloody great gold bangles she had, one on each wrist… She then informed me her and the boy were off to Russia for a month or two, and she would let me know when they got back. She duly arrived back. And I called around. Well buggar me days, she had white teeth again, and there was no sign of the gold bangles… What happened to the gold teeth and bangles I asked. Well she said, it was the only way I could take gold into Russia. If it was in my baggage, it would have either been confiscated by the State or pilfered. So my gold was safe in my mouth and on my wrist. It was to support my parents and Family. Hmmm very cunning indeed. these Russians. The young lad turned out to be a great kid and the Mum resurrected rowing in Westport. They have moved on, but the Rowing Club is still thriving thanks to her. . .


Thats why they are called Russians - they are here today and gone tomorrow - Always Russian off. Good yarn - I liked that.

Days are getting longer and gold is back up to over $2400 per ounce ooohhh yyyeeaaahhhhh!!

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Bloody marvelous looking at the gold price to see that your hard work has overnight gone up - or gone down, so much over night.

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Bad news!.. looks like the US and Iran may get into conflict shortly…on the up side gold is going up…gone from $2255 to $2326 in 2 days…go baby go!!


On the up and up again Mal. NZ$2463 or over $79 gram.

Yep …good timing too …I’m selling 45 grams this week…could go higher I feel!

Gold just went through the 1600 us mark last night…$2510 NZ !!


Grab ya picks,shovels and pans guys and girls…its a gold rush…gold now at $2595nz an oz…worth getting wet for…YEE HAAA…LOL!!

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But Mal your selling it…if you can afford to keep it then you should do so.