Gold price is up!

Did anyone notice that the gold price has busted through the NZ $2000 mark?
Yee Haaa…get back n the hills guys!!!


I remember the days when I used ot look at the gold prices every day and I often used to ‘win’ or ‘lose’ $10,000 per day - I cant be bothered looking now days but hmmm…must look to see how much it has gone up since I Iast looked three or six months ago. Good news for those who are after it though I guess.

So gold went up NZ $70 in the last couple days(now$2072) with many international banks buying up gold…maybe this is just the start of it…over 3k by xmas?..maybe my missus will let me go on more gold trips this year…yeah…nah…lol!

Hope so , at 3k an ounce il be tossing in the day job & cranking up the 8" !!

at 66 dollars a gram its looking good, a gram an hour with an 8 should be easy .

Yeah its tempting aye!!..8 inch would just mow up all those gravels quick time!!

Pity it was not that back when we had our claims and I got 1/4 ounce 7.5 grams) an hour on average one year. The only year I actually kept a record was four grams an hour I think. (1984)
I used to love following the gold prices as I would ‘make’ or ‘lose’ hundreds every day. I used to swap gold for the things I wanted like an antique gun…or give it away. I clearly remember giving away 6 lots of three grams in bottles to kids in one day back about 1975…that was 18 grams. It was worth about $275 an ounce then I think…in the mid 1980s I gave away an ounce without blinking to a guy I had taken goldmining. My uncle took a guy to Deep Creek in the Skippers. pre 1978 and gave him 1 1/2 ounces. By todays value we must have given away many thousands -still it was worth it to see the smile on their faces.
If you do have gold DO NOT sell it. I put aside 1 kg for each of my kids and put it into safe deposit for them. When you find gold no matter how poor you are keep every little bit that you can.
Someone elses turn now.


I wouldn’t mind a couple kgs , put away towards my retirement lol, ive sold it along the way figure its all part of it , to be honest I miss looking at it when its gone especially the bigger bits . anyway cant wait for water to warm up and get back into it, I did keep record one xmas over 5 days I got 47 grams the best day 26 grams the worst 5 grams, I wasn’t putting in big days prob 5 or 6 hours with a 5 inch dredge , so that’s definitely an ok hourly rate , Ive always sucked at being self employed, either the stags are roaring or the sea is flat so im off, but I somehow find motivation to look for that yellow stuff, getting golds just part of it I love working underwater , I love watching the deer and goats and the central Otago landscape is just awesome, and poking around the old workings is heaps of fun to , so I guess I the fever is only part of the buzz, and Gold fever is real and should be on the register of notifiable diseases man its hard to shake


Shhh you are NOT allowed to tell about the worst day! Mine was - dont tell anyone - eight days for nothing - trapped in a tent on the mountain , flood water under the tent, beer and wine in the flooded river where we had put it to cool, NO GOLD. I took shoes and socks off and got cobbers to tie a rope around me and paddled in the stream to find the bottles of alcohol - I got the bottles of whisky, I got the bottles of wine and got all except about six bottles of beer. Next day two bottles of beer were found a foot or so above the water level where the flood threw them and the bottom of the stream was covered in broken glass! My bad days were bad! On the last day of that holiday I did get 28 dwt in one small crack (42 grams) including a 13 dwt nugget (19.5 grams)

I was going to begin a page on here to tell the one year I did keep a record - the worst day was 1 gram I think and the best was about 200 grams.


my worse day was 5 days dredging with nothing. yea I know why keep going.

Always keep going until the day you wake up dead - then its all over Red Rover - you then hover in the firmament watching all the loonies looking for your buried treasure that never was or the family fighting over ya goodies. My goodies dont work no more so nothing to fight over!

don’t you mean all over my land rover? well after my latest heart scare caz has told me to see my gear. the good news is I am still allowed to walk round with a metal detector. sooooo today was the first day of finding a spark plug , old bolt, bits of wire, and a bottle top. please let me go back dredging

As the sign on the wall of the old stone pub at MacRaes says ‘While I Live I’ll Crow’ - Stanley’s motto. If your alive make the most of it. Be a cowboy and take up riding and then with a bit of luck you will die in the saddle - a bit like a grocer in Dunedin - he liked riding in the saddle and when he died at his lady friends house one lunch time while riding the saddle it was the first intimation that his wife had that he was having an affair.

Keith running around going beep beep beep with a metal detector is probably going to be more lucrative. Maybe that is what was causing the heart scare - ya need a new spark plug! I need the new bolt - the nuts are stripped in the old one. Seriously though I was at the Doctor after getting a scare earlier this week - he told me I was still alive and with that piece of profound information I am looking for a cowgirl!

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hi keith I must say I was surprised to see your dredging stuff up for sale, I still got your old 5 we have had our moments but we just cant be parted true love I guess

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Hi Keith, I was also surprised at seeing your gear for sale, was concerned what was behind it. Now we know. With only knowing a tiny bit of your many bush whacking adventures you have had, we all know you never did anything by halves. Please take care, you’ve got a treasure there in caz, life is too precious mate. Cheers, Ben.


Gold has just smashed through the NZ$2300 mark…pity its still so hard to get it out of the ground…lol!


cant wait to get reg in mouth and hear the sound of the gravel going up my nozzle and hopefully the cash register KA CHING

Definitely pushing up the hourly rate when in the water! :money_mouth_face:

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She’s knocking on the door of $2400 right now Mal. Hows that song go - “she’s getting better everyday” Well almost.

I love it I love it I love it I love it I fucking love it!