Gold price is up!

Amazing how around midnight NZ time “Tweeter Trump” orders US firms to ditch China and by 4am NZ time this morning, gold values had gone up an extra $50.00 an ounce. It will be interesting to see what happens at opening time on Monday.

I think the Don may have helped somewhat by announcing American business should pull out of china ! , at $70 odd dollars a gram I think im starting on next Monday , found my full face mask too to help keep the cold at bay .

Yee Haaaa!! Crazy stuff!! If it goes over 3k an ounce …well thats $100 a gram!!If it does I think I’ll pack up me stuff,hook up the caravan and head down south like a Beverly hillbilly…quietly mind you…don’t want to wake the wife n kids…lol…yep trumpet a tweet out just before market closes WTF…have friends who have a heap of tech shares,tried to convince them to invest in gold instead…they just laughed at me…we’ll see who laughing next week…sootypete I think a heated crutch pad may well be an option too…lol!!

get me some cement to harden up and ill help ya lol, fark that mate youre mad and gunna jinx it so the river turns to mud for the next 3 months!!

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Haha , mate poverty & the lure of a quick buck equals mad lol & at $70 a gram am prepared to freeze my bits off for a week or 2 while the going is good I’ll make sure the missz brings me a pie & hot toddy for lunch :joy:

haha, I guess it may have the benefit that you wont need the snip if theyre frozen solid lol.
dont fuck about get the 8inch out go big or go home.

Got a young mad bugger helpin me with monkeys, hes keen to have a go on a nozzle if u need a helper here and there

Gold price is holding at over NZ$2400 and in 2 short days it will be spring!!!..soon 4 ounces of gold will be worth over 10k…(I just worked that out after maybe 4 no 5 no 6 bourbons)…stoked!!!!!


I cant wait , just bought NZjeffs proline 5 inch , what a deal what a nice guy anyway will be running to 5s this season , im tidying up the caravan and the fevers back worse than ever lol


hehehehehehehehe - I love it!

I love it when guys say about Gold Fever. To me it was being there, no more and no less. I got blase about actually getting the gold. When I found a quarter pound nugget and when I picked up half a pound of gold in three handfuls of dirt (either 9th or 17th December 1984) I took it with a grain of salt. It was good to get but I cant ever say that I got gold fever as such. I just liked being there and merely saw it as a lovely way of spending the day with no one to get up ya nose, no stress, no worries and no tomorrow - just being there on a nice day - and often not so nice. See the photos below for the ‘not so nice’ - Yes indeed I was skin diving in the river in this weather AND it was a wet suit. Some people think they are tough today but try that. It is great country and looking at the photo I can safely say that when the hut photo was taken little could I have dreamt that within ten years of the photo being taken I would buy the hut and the mountain behind it.

If anything it was the thrill of what you might find but in the end when you did find it you just took it with a grain of salt. People often used to say “You must have been over the moon when you got such and such” and my answer was always “Nope, not at all. It was being there that mattered”

I suppose I was used to getting gold so that nothing ever surprised me really. The memories are good to look back on. I saw the photos on another thread of all the gold in the box and it brought back a memory of seeing gold like that all over the river bottom and I clearly remember thinking “Fuck a duck where do I start”

I must be in one of my reflective moods - right I am off for the day - to a funeral!

So gold fever? I dont think I know what that is to be honest but it must be an awful malady!



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I’m a bit like you Lammerlaw.Dredging To me it was the challenge of finding it, Fighting like hell in fast water to recover it, and finally watching it go up the nozzle. Washing up at the end of a hard days dredging, was the final step in the process. Oh and then weighing it. After that the real fun was over. To be honest I didn’t get any thrill out of traveling down to Greymouth, to sell it. Turning it into wads (And Big wads to I might add) of $50.00 notes. Somehow money was just money. It soon disappeared. I look at the price now and think back, in my day average price was $600.00 an ounce. There was a short time ir reached $800.00, and another time it dropped to $400.00. Expenses always had to be paid, and of course the money halved as there were two of us. To me it was always just a paying hobby, Any ground that wouldn’t pay expenses and return some profit I walked away from. My bottom line was if it wouldn’t do 5 dwt a day, it wasn’t worth it. Of course now with todays price, 5 dwt would be quite nice.

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Well Fuck…I am banktrupt. destitute, insolvent and financially embarrassed today - Gold went down about $20 per ounce in price over night! That means that I must have lost at least $25 and 60 cents in total value!

this is getting exciting almost $80 a gram

Hell I only get excited when I am in bed…and then it’s all memories!

awesome might sell some gold buy fontera shares

White gold. :cowboy_hat_face:

Had not too bad a day detecting on Sunday just gone. Minelab GPZ 7000 & the Russian made 10" X coil. 26 of the little suckers.

Not a lot in weight but no catch & release.

Sunday before was 24 bits but a bit more in weight.

What I haven’t shown you is all the bloody shot gun pellets I also got. Thanks to rabbit shooters.

Best of luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


A chap came in to see me a few years back. He had been detecting at a spot I know well but have never been detecting there. I cannot remember what detector he had but it sure wasnt one of the more sophisticated ones of today. In any case he had an amazing amount of gold considering the location. Several ounces of nice nuggets.

I asked him about shotgun pellets and he said that they mostly came in patterns. In other words where someone shot a rabbit, or at least shot at it, there would be a large number of targets in a small area. He discovered that patterns like this would invariably be shotgun pellets - and so he ignored them and the result was either gold, a .22 bullet and occasionally other rifle bullets with only the odd stray shotgun pellet.

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bugger me look whats happening to the price. doom and gloom . im ruined went and brought all that gold now its worthless

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Its ok Keith…I got this…I’ll just provoke trump on his twitter account…he’ll say something stupid and gold will go back up…I got this covered…they just anounced the launch of a crypo currency backed by gold so gold still will run!


Hey John, but isnt that where the gun club have been for the last few years :wink: