COMPETITION North Island Vs South Island - EXTENDED

The shortest day has gone (and its a beautiful day where I am), so there is no reason for you to not get out there.

Category A
Your target is a specific coin, which will be announced at competition end - so submit them all.
You’ll need to submit a photo in this post that shows the date clearly. (might be time to dig up those decimals you left for someone else :blush:)
Exclusion: All coins that are spendable.

Category B
Best Find, narrowed down to a poll, winner will be selected by forum members.
Do submit a photo in this post of any other cool treasures you find along the way. (if you hunt nuggets make a submission)

This is North Island Vs South Island, so you will need to state where you are located.
If you are detecting while on holiday in the ‘enemies’ camp, you will be classed as your home territory - but do state that, just in case the ‘enemy’ tries to call you out on it.

Prizes will be announced at the end of the comp. You’re playing for fun, not reward (the greatest prize is what you detect).

Competition runs from 8-7-17 until midnight 9-9-17 (submissions must be posted before midnight). You have over 60 days. Get Detecting!

Due to terrible storms competition has been extended by a month.



So, to clarify, Cat A we’re looking for not only a specific denomination, but also a specific date?
eg 1976 20c?

The date may be a decider if there is a tie, but I may use other means…

Let’s get the party started a few coins for the north


Team 2 for the North checking in… After rummaging around in some eroding foreshore this afternoon.

-Admittedly the Southerners have permafrost to contend with at the moment, whilst we bask in a tropical 7°.

@Chris and I also have a little friendly side-wager going as well...At the moment he's holding the (narrow) lead. Might have to sneak out while my wife sleeps in tomorrow  :thinking:
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Havnt even started mate just ran the excal over the back of the ute😀

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Yeah, I pitty the southerners a bit, though when I started the comp - it promptly poured down for a few days up here.

Wow you guys really got the ball rolling!
And I think Chris hit one of my target spots :sob:, oh well. I’d better take a dip - that’s where my advantage lies.
Off to put my detector together. Must get out at low tide tomorrow.
Been house bound against my will these last few days. Topping off the battery now, it must be ready for a full day’s detecting.

Hi these are some of my coins and stuff I found in the weekend I still have to clean all the one and two cents to see the dates it could take some time!,

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Cool. Whats that lead person? And the two bangles on the metal ring?
Any silver?
I love those military buttons.

Old style curtain track runner.

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Hi the person is some kind of badge I can’t read what’s on it and a silver pocket watch rim

Zeus? Possibly a Marvel comics promotional or similar.

1872 6d - Very nice.

I will have a better look at it! Yes I was happy with the 6d it’s getting hard to find really old silver and that was from a spot on the way we have hit many times and so have other people there were plugs we could see that must have been dug the weekend before

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Always good to hear of people finding nice things in detected locations.
Gives hope for new people.

Oh crap, we’ve got another storm on the way for the whole country.

It’s crazy how we go back to places time and time again and still find something we went to a domain we have been to lots and it has never had much on it we still got coin and our friend got two silver rings

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A few more for the comp today plus a 7mm boat nail in kauri


North v’s South. Nutty - now iv’e got to go out and find something - and i will find something.


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Well I spent some time to clean up the rest of my coins nothing that great in them but found a 1912 USA 1cent thought that was a bit different


Very cool.