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COMPETITION North Island Vs South Island - EXTENDED

@Chris Nice predecimals, that nail is interesting.

@steptoeandson That’s a fair amount of 1 & 2’s, the USA is interesting.

Go hard Shady, you often find neat coins.

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Comp Hunt #2 - Nothing old at a nice storm cut beach, but hit a gold in the first hole :muscle:

Plenty of coins had been tumbled around during the storm, almost got a straight flush with the Aus coins.

Never really paid attention to the dates on decimals before - surprised how many were '67s, but I suppose that’s logical with a first issue.


Yeah, I’ve noticed quite a few 67’s and 71’s when I was looking for some rares in a large bag.

Nice predecimals, shame they weren’t silver.
Keep looking - storm is still on.

Do submit the rings, there is another prize for Best Find.
Hopefully we will hear from the People in the South.
Lammerlaw’s Timaru beach spot might be good to check once their flooding has finished.

Not to much for the south…will have to get my a into g.

1875h penny
1921 penny
1952 penny
1876h h/penny
1859 thrup
1933 thrup
1967 & 70 1c
Gonna party like its 1999 $2


1859… Some good age in that spot!

Silvers and button pretty good - especially under these crazy storm conditions.
I wanted to hit the local river today, but its a nasty brown.
Maybe we should open the second category up to best storm pix while detecting :anguished:

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Chucking some petrified wood into the pot - Eyeball finds count?

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Fantastic. In light of the storms, it might be in order to extend the comp another month, what does everyone thing about that? Or maybe 2 weeks extra?

My first entry for the comp. 8 coins.

NZ Penny 1943
NZ 20c 1972
NZ 5c 1975
NZ 2c 1982
NZ 50c 1988
NZ $1 1990
NZ $2 1990
NZ $2 1990



Started heading north this morning quite a bit of rain then had a brilliant idea I went home managed half hour on the estuary


A yay from me for another month…probably take 2 weeks to dry out down here!

Is that ‘superior’ round thing from a saw handle?

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Picked up one of those “Improved Patent” buttons not long ago. They seem to be mid-late 19th era.

@SoilSurfer Dead right…and showing your age picking that one.
Back in the days when saws were saws - Here’s one of mine next to a namby-pamby modern tin 'n plastic one

MW got it spot on …

Soilsurfer picked it - I just happen to like using old tools

Nice lighter @chris any hope of getting it to work?

About the same chance of you finding a rotting leather pouch full of gold sovs :grinning:

Just make sure it dosnt call off

Now that is a saw!! I think the little plastic one would be better for my little chicken arms lol

Yeah man give us rain soaked southerners another month. Maybe the flooding has unearthed some goodies! Well u never know :wink: