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WD17 The waters Beckon

1 cents and 2 cent, the soil at that spot just destroys them.
Old britainia pennys survive the best in that spots soil followed by silver.

Far out they sure have taken a beating. Amazing how the different base metals can help with some coins lasting in certain ground conditions and not others!

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When that black coating on the nz penny dries out and falls off it will take off all the detail on that coin too.

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A $3.50 spendies, $2 ozzy and a 1936 silver sixpence from the 3p Spot between the rainshowers today.


You are on to a good spot there WD. Keep on swingin !!

Don’t forget to enter the competition:

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Managed to sneak my detecter into the car for a road trip.
Hit a few playgrounds along the way till i found an old campground and managed to get permission from the Trustees.
Pockets spills everywhere, one withnice old gold ring and another spill with a florin half crown and shilling.


The elusive virgin spot! Congrats man!!

SWEET Looks like a real old spot. :fireworks:

Awesome digging, nice to hit those, probably undetected, spots for sure

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great stuff they must be more where they come from

Actually i am a bit down, i went back next day before carrying on our trip and entire area was flooded.
Managed to get a 1943 nz shilling and some coins for the comp i will put up later.
Hope to get back there one day.

Got a loupe from the chinese shop.
And found some suitably shaped bronze bits to hammer the ring back into shape.
Hallmarked 9ct and then TCL? TGL? 7EL?


ZEI Manufacturer stamp for Rosy Blue, although they only seem to do diamond jewellery

look for a metal ring sizer,i think thats what they call them,tapered with a handle on it,a must have to straighten your rings.ebay about 10 bucks make sure its metal and not plastic

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Something a bit like a mandrel? :wink:

thats the one i got an alloy one it came with a set of finger ring sizes as well.

Went for a Swing with 2 other detectorists today.
Got a new oldest coin 1872 Victoria penny in nice condition.
Thanks for inviting me along guys



Always love finding Victorian coins, good effort :slight_smile:

1933 half crown. Local character rocked up and pointed me in the direction of a age old long drop.
May dig it out one day… once i lose any shred of dignity i have left…