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Where can I buy one of these

Hi All…getting some gear ready for the up coming season…looking to specifically buy this creviousing tool but can’t find a supplier in NZ or that can ship it to NZ…anyone know of a contact…talked to Dan.he doesn’t stock them…and emailed two toes and he wont send to NZ
Anyone else want one?..might get a few if I can find a supplier…yes I could make my own but these babies are super hardened blade steel!!

Try at Farmlands man I’ve seen them before

see if goldstamp can find ya one over there before he undertakes his annual pilgrimage.
could always make one? Seems very simple

I think that hardened blade steel can only be cut by waterjet…maybe get a heap made out of a single sheet to cover the setup cost…shouldn’t be too hard to make a handle I guess.Good for levering out real packed in material…need one!!

how thin is the blade? an industial heavy duty blade off a power hacksaw would work well just dont bend sideways too much.

half decent engineer will have waterjet and prob a few bisloy offcuts to make one.
you looked at a freight forwarding outfit? Wheres two toes based?

is two toes a cousin to 6 finger ?

Yeah… Keith your right…he’s got that hot step sister “camel”…lol…about 2-.2.5mm width I guess gogold…Indust hack blade to much flex…steel like what chainsaw bars are made out of…Two toes is in North cali and I think trump has made it dam near impossible with time taken on paper work to freight stuff out of us…just thought there would be a local supplier.

Make your own out of an old hand saw blade. Here are a few things I made from crevice suckers, sniffer bottle & crevice scrapers. The saw blade crevice scrapers are the two with the wooden handles. Strong, thin, flexible & work bloody well.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thats a mighty fine collection of fossicking gear there JW…wooden handled creviousing tools made out of handsaw blades look good…how do you cut the shape on the blade…plasma cutter work?
I’ve made a heap out of wiper blades but those big curved blades are great for breaking out super packed cracks

Hi Mal, if you are still keen on getting stuff from the US of A try the youshop from NZ post. I have had classic car bits sent to it, the seller just sends to a US freight forwarding address so its local for them, great if they are not keen on international. You can get an estimate on the NZ post website of cost and once it lands at the depot in the US they email you. They have started putting gst on everything now so best get no paperwork sent from the seller with it and put the value down a bit. Also think it trys to sell you a fast service but there is a drop down box with a slower one, cheaper but still fine. I had some carbs come in a big box and it was about $60 and way cheaper than other stuff I researched.

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Hi Mal. Just cut with a pair of tin snips. Believe it or not. Surprised me to but it worked easily. They were made a while ago but I still have one. The one with the curved point. The other feel victim to a flash overnight flood as did my fuel container. I was lucky that I put my dredge up higher. I went back the next day & I had to cross a main river to get to this “little” side creek that wasn’t so little when I got there. I couldn’t even cross the main river that was just a torrent. Had a long drive back home shitting myself having to leave my gear there. I gave it a day for things to settle down & had to take a day off from work to go back & salvage my gear. Lucky for me no one had pinched it. Except what I lost to the flood. The water had been lapping right up to the dredge. I had it tied off as well, just incase.
Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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here are a couple of my tools I find the bent screwdriver very handy. cold chisel for stubborn quarks. the cut down rack fits into a pack or belt .


for got to add this photo bolt cutters for getting through locked gates for poaching. also good for cutting off valve steams on tires to slow people down that want to catch you.


Kiwikeith get with the times mate, bolt cutters are out 18v angle grinders are the go hehehe


forgot to mention that you should carry some supper glue for those padlocks that are unable to be cut . teach them for hiding them up a tube just squirt some glue up the lock then they cant get there key in .
infrared camera or binos night vision glasses you can pick up cameras that are hidden in the bush. all you have to do is spray paint the lens.
I know what you are thinking .“don’t cross kiwikeith” maybe I could set the black dog on you


Those Caledonian scrapers Dan sells look the business for $9

Is the syringe for your daily fix??:joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

yea I just shoot up before I wrote the last post. you should see the holes it leaves behind in the arm. its to big to get under the toe nails. daily fix I would have with draw if I left it that long.


Gold fever withdrawals. It is a bastard aye…:joy:

Best of luck to you

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yep …ya got that right JW…she’s been a long goldless winter for me…can’t wait for the first trip of the season…oh Keith you forgot to mention the universal key code combination that opens all padlocked gates…combination number…45.70…lol!!..yeah Gav I have one…as well as pretty much every fossicking tool he sells…lol!