What would you do if you caught someone dredging on your claim

I’m in the process of getting my claim approved by nzpam , I know that someone has been on this area last :christmas_tree: with a large dredge , I think he maybe back this year and illegally take more gold rumor has it he got 40k from it last year , not sure what I will do if I catch him this year as I have got a claim that hasn’t been approved yet ,
I just don’t think it’s fair that one can recognize that their is gold in an area and go to all the trouble of paying out a bunch of money to nzpam to have the right to mine it, and then you got Muppets that just go and take,
Maybe I will stalk and film him and throw the book at him with nzpam , the local council resource stuff or maybe I will show him some of the paper work I have done and then get old school on his ass, and believe me he wont want that the piece of shit. …
So that’s my we rant ,
Just wondering what you think

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if you find out he is there get in contact with crown minerials they now have claim jumper police and this guy will deal with them big time . I think his name is adams
where are you going to be working?

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I did tell nzpam where and when this idiot was helping himself so I guess they would have told this guy who the claim cop

I hear of heaps out their just helping themselves

yea it happens all the time . photo him… and post it on the forum
the claim jumpers was the main reason I let my claim go plus all the shit you have to put up with from doc

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Yep for sure secret photo and flat tyres ,to give claim cop time to get their

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Can’t say where I will be working but I will say , I pity the fool who wants to steal from me trust Noone they just want your gold the tosers, lol I got the fever bad man 100 colors first test pan yeah boy

I was tempted to turn some farming harrows upside down in a mud bog that would stop them


I reckon that’s a good idea u should have , I reckon if you caught them red handed the threat of the claim cop etc would have them giving you all the concentrates, lol

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You seem very hostile given that you don’t yet even have the rights to work the area?

can you give us a hint of the area? that way we can keep a look out on our travels maybe. Dont worry ive no intention of dredging i have enough trouble finding time for a weekend up the howard.

First thing I did was go to local cop and showed them paper work for my claim. That way if there’s an issue the police know the law and your not having to explain things if things go pear shaped with a claim jumpers.

Second thing I did was let land owners who boarder claim know I had claim and build relationship with them. Ive helped farmers know if there’s issues I see on their farm eg stuck or sick stock , broken fences etc . That way they look out for you. I always let farmers know when I’m about to use claim. Builds trust.

Third thing is I lease out areas of my claim. I have 42km of river broken into chunks that I let out on my claim usually for guys that have 2 inch or 4 inches dredges which move fuck all material any way. It would take me 10 lifetimes to mine half of my claim so I concentrate on the cream of the cream. Potential applicants pay up front for a pre determine length of time and a bond and get to keep any gold they get. Fuck stuffing round with percentage cuts as its too complex and results in feeling of paranoia. Main thing here is its about being in control of your claim which I would treat just like any buisness transaction. I ask all my leases to let me know how much gold they get. I use this to compare yields I got when I carried out geo sampling. These guys become my eyes and ears and provide me with any Intel as well as covering all of my claim costs and fuel which is a bonus.

Forth I have setup strategic trail cams on certain access points which upload any movement. This is real time and gives me knowledge of who’s on my claim and when.

I have no issues with paners or people with a sluice as the gold they get is like pissing in the wind and is not worth the hassle. I have a few local paners that have unlimited access who also provide me with Intel. Generally if your a cunt to these types of people they all talk and it can create a opposite affect especially in small communities.

If you do come.across any illegal dredging best thing to do is gather appropriate evidence and nip problem in the butt by confronting offender straight away. I’ve seen many people bottle things up and not deal with situation then and there. This ends up in the situation repeating itself and the shit hitting the fan when it all goes sour.
Present any evidence through to local cop and nzpam. They are hot on its thing at the moment especially here in otago.
You are within your right to take any gold recovered by say an illegal dredger.


@prich385 Cheers for the advice, some real gems in there I’ll be stashing away in the back of my head for future use.

Yip, Gold certainly brings out the worst in people. Ranting, threats and bad language, no need for it on the forum in my opinion.

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Yep I agree sorry but all that I’m not here to upset anyone

Awesome advise their thank you heaps was wot I needed to hear I guess

I had the same problem a few years ago, it was clear he was not going to stop jumping our claim ,
we approached him about forming a partnership to mine the difficult areas were rock moving was necessary. He agreed and are still great mates.

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I look at it from many different perspectives having owned three gold claims plus a copper mine

Firstly how did YOU latch on to this area - did you hear about him mining it and then stepping in and claiming it - if so then to me it makes you a bit of an arsehole for pushing in on him. If that was the case and he was there first and you have elbowed him out by claiming his wee spot then why didnt you do the decent thing and take out the claim BUT invite him in on it so that he paid his share of the costs and could still work there

Secondly if you found out about the area by accident or hearsay and he was already there then once again it would not have hurt to claim it but invite him to be part of it considering he was there first.

If you knew about it first and got the wheels of the claim application underway and he came along and was/is working there then a chat and compromise might be met.

If however he is an objectionable type and flaunts the rules, was NOT there first and shows no consideration to you as claim owner (who has not stamped on his toes first) then throw the book at him!

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For a start I don’t think any one was their first , I never knew about this guy til I had put claim in I just Wana protect which is mine that what anyone would do ,

No one suggested you were an arse you abusive dodo - I only said this ‘Firstly how did YOU latch on to this area - did you hear about him mining it and then stepping in and claiming it - if so then to me it makes you a bit of an arsehole for pushing in on him.’ Now that says that you would only be an arsehole IF you had acted in a certain manner but I never suggested it in the way you seem to have taken it but then again I also thought that you were intelligent enough to interpret what was written literally but clearly your sub intellectual.
No one suggested you were an arse at all
I also never inferred on the phone that I was a poacher - never have and never will on any one elses claim so dont fire shots at people you dont know. I owned three claims of my own plus a copper mine so to suggest I was a poacher is sick puppy stuff! I am how ever bloody good at dealing with poachers! As for you - your the guy who appeared to want them for nothing but was going to come to see them on the 17th and of course I note well that you kept to your word and I am still waiting - in other words cant be trusted!
You did however say that I am an idiot
Well your a wanker untll such time as you re read what I said, amend your nasty personal attack on me and I shall then edit accordingly

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