What would you do if you caught someone dredging on your claim

hi robb
be careful what you write , there is no suggestion that you were an arse. unless you jumped in ahead of the other guy, only you know that. I would ask since you are getting all technical and pc how did you know there was gold there? you must have prospected the area without a license found gold then went for it. I have had a claim and had to deal with poaches I know how you feel . you pay and than someone jumps in bugger
life is a bitch , but don’t make it any worse I say have a good Christmas and a beer on the edge of the river bank chill out and smell the roses.

Deep breaths everybody, let’s not escalate! It’s too easy to read things into posts that weren’t intended.

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Yep algood Gavin never intended to upset any one , it just seems this guy who has had a dredge where it don’t belong gets more support than someone trying to do the right thing that’s all

Sweet as. I’d be annoyed too if someone was poaching my claims too. I just know from experience that posts can be read in ways they weren’t intended so best to give the benefit of the doubt - I’ve done it enough myself when speed reading through stuff.

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Yep I guess things can be interpreted differently and being the hot head that I can be tunnel vision can creep in so sorry to all those involved I will be sure to read more carefully , and lamer law sorry about flying of the handle at you to mate .

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Dont start shootin yet i’ts beer o’clock - yum yum.

Shady as


Hey Robb - don’t buy that crap about other people being there first and in some bizarre twist of logic it being implied your being an ass. The way I see it mate they had every opportunity to put a claim on it and they choose not to. Mate you don’t even need to justify wheather you knew they were there or not as its completely irrelevant.

Good on you for putting your money where your mouth is and putting in a claim.

Whatever strategy you employ to manage claim poachers wheather it be trying to work with them, throwing the book at them or something inbetween is up to you mate . Remember you are the one that dictates the terms and conditions as you have paid for the exclusive mineral rights.

All the best bro


Hey thanks man if you private message me you’d be more than welcome to come check things out
cheers bro
finally someone who gets it,
merry Christmas

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totally agree with you there.Using the’I WAS THERE FIRST’ excuse is rubbish.Firstly he probably wasn’t legally there in the first place ,with his dredge .And the cost of a claim and yearly fees is going out of the roof.So you are supposed to pay while someone steals your gold… myself i woud’nt have a problem someone doing a bit of panning on my claim ,when i’ve had a good go at it first,but like you said everyone has the chance to lodge a claim…they simply don’t want to pay…make sure you set up a couple of cameras anyway,and proscecute them.good luck


hey mate we had the same problem, claimed a area that had old timers up there for ever working a huge hole… doing some major work and when i say major i mean MAJOR, we claimed the area the day it become available taking everything available, we approached one of their sons up there once claimed and he was pretty abusive saying its theirs etc, anyway that was the first day of walking the area, they are only mining a 70m stretch, long story short we went and had a meeting with all of them, came to an agreement made a contract and handed them 470m of the claim… have a proper chat to him you may work something out


Won’t be giving them a thing , I never knew he was going their until after we claimed it , not sure if he will be back but definitely got my eye on things he was working 8 inch illegally so tough , even tho this hasn’t cost a great deal it’s everything I had spare left in the bank , want all we can get from it , as it will become our job , big gamble, would have seen us Comfortable thru winter, but this has always been a dream of mine , I don’t think it’s wrong to be greedy. Hey it could all flop on us for all we know but if I don’t try ,I won’t know cheers, have a good new years bro

I think what these guys are saying is to take a level-headed balanced approach:

It’s sometimes easier & more beneficial to make friends than enemies. Your new friends become the enemies of other enemies (eg. they watch out for the serious poachers - kinds with helicopters).

The last thing you want is to cross someone in a tiny community, when he’s only trying to feed himself. (in a denser population the more eyes you have watching your own back the better).