What is P&M up to?

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I 've just got off my phone after talking to P&M and was told that the rental for river claims are going up to $2000.00 a kilometre or the lesser making my claim &12000.00 yearly that’s from $450.00 an increase of $11.550. Hell that puts me out of dredging before I’ve even started. It appears this Govt; just wants the big overseas conglomerates in our rivers. How the hell can this happen and how do they assess the production of an unknown quantity. Has any other dredger been down this road yet.
Flabergasted!!! Nilecat

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it is because New Zealanders are complacent and YOU are merely one of the peasants or serfs in a slave police/state. The decision will not be P&M but will be as the result of a directive from the government. The offshore bankers loaned this country money under the Fractional Reserve Banking System - and that is impossible to pay back and thus the off shore bankers are foreclosing on the mortgage.

The government elected by the people does NOT serve the people - it serves its masters - the wealthy businessmen and bankers who hold the purse strings.

Until such time as the populace at large wake up and throw the government out and elect in a Peoples Government - by the people for the people then rest assured it will only get worse.

Vote for my political party, we’ll rectify the situation. The minerals will be used locally, the mining companies will be locals and profits driven back into the community. Small time and hobby miners will be supported by reasonable fees.
And the trade deficit will change into a credit.

Dont you mean that the debt which has been repaid many times over under a fair and reasonable borrowing rate will be merely wiped - after all why pay criminals who are guilty of crimes against mankind nine times what has been borrowed.

hang on…its $2,000 a square kilometre, or $1,610, being the greater of the two…

you can thank Jackie Adams and the other pointy-heads for that…

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who is the minister in charge of nzpam. closest I can find would b Judith Collins. minister of energy and resources.

if its 2000 a square km, then my fees should have gone down, instead they have gone up, not sure whats going on. I keep tell the Mrs she’s got to work a little harder now before she can get her share.

Good luck to all if that sociopath is in charge.

its to cover their debt, have you guys been reading the documents they have been sending out regarding it?

If its to cover their debt then the government should be charging the off shore wealthy mining companies a lot more than the 1 percent royalty paid so that the wealthy mining interests who pillage our country pay for the operation of P & M and the New Zealanders who want a small claim get it at cost plus royalty or percentage of gold recovered.


Gday , have we any Lawyers that can take a look at the claim rental hike. The Govty; reacted pretty quick when that petrol went up a couple of cents, but it’s no problem for them to go overboard and hike rentals not by cents, not by dollars but by thousands of dollars. Does this qualify for an appeal to the Ombudsman.
Is it possible to sell part of your claim and retain the area that you can work with?

I’m still spinning out in space trying to figure out what to do so that good money does not go down the gurgler. When I finished my last quote I not only meant an area I can work with but also meant, one that I can afford to work. LOl

This is old news now mate they sent there letter out long ago saying this was going to happen & just a heads up 2019 is another review year & highly likely another price hike…if you have a claim bigger than there minimum & wanting to save a few bucks surrendering some ground it basically costs nothing however you do need to file a couple of detailed forms so suggest vivinne bull she can do this for around $300 & is very quick & just to further that id seriously consider letting go a big strip straight down the middle…think about that one.

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why the hell do people always refer to vivian bull to do work for them??
why pay 300$ to a consultant when blind freddies drunk mother can do it themselves…this simply perpetuates the very reliance everyone doesnt want…do it yorself its dwad simple

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because she is very good at what she does when it comes to paper work im a bumb fuck that does things wrong it takes me 2 or 3 times longer than most let alone the stress that go,s with it so rather than pine away worrying if iv done it rite , id rather make it very simple , quick & pay some $ & get on with things that im actually good at…its taken me a while to work it out but you simply carnt do everything .


Hey Mangrove, I reckon Pete could be right. I like that idea as I don’t know how much they consider is the minimum. As this is a river, how is it measured? By length or square kilometres. We bought this in November of 2016, would the vendor know that this hike was on the agender. I know what part of this claim I want to retain, so could I put the remainder on the market. Who and what is Vivian Bull, and do you have an address. Many thanks guys, I really appreciate your information and suggestions for sure. One more thing, who is the minister that has this portfolio?

Rather than surmise I think I might tend to write to P & M and express your concerns, ask what it means to you and what you might expect your revised fees to be. That will then settle the score and put an end to wild guesses and assumptions.

Ivé said it a number of times over the years on here…if anyone is one here as a hobby miner, I am happy to offer my services free of charge on the proviso it takes less than say 2-3 hours of my time and you arn’t running a company.

No need to pay consultants, I know that sheet and will not ask for your hard earned coin


There were a lot of claims put up for sale over the last few years - I reckon they saw the writing on the wall.

the fees are $2,000 a square kilometre, or $1,610 which ever is the highest of these two values. A square kilometre is a sheetload of area… 1 hectare = 0.01 square kilometers.

there is no writing on the wall…the fees went up for most of us from $511 to $1,610, being a thousand bucks a year. this is not a die in the ditch increase that kills our hobby…certainly not enough to all go and sell our claims.