What do I do with all the gold?

so, I go out, find some gold… And then? Who buys alluvial gold? Just some random jeweler?

Heaps of people use trade me and seem to get more than spot prices. Trade me takes a commission tho .easy to sell on here .

Ive always sold all my gold right here on paydirt for around spot price, some good reliable buyers on here.

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Hmm… So, does it make sense for two grams or should I have more?

more the merrier mate…

If you only have two grams then by all means - a large amount or a small amount all gold is good and some people can only afford small amounts.
Nowdays I can only afford microspecks!

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So, what’s the usual quality of alluvial gold? Like, how can I compare what people offer to other prices?

And what do I do with this very fine gold? Collect enough of it to make sense, get rid of the remaining black sand and then sell?

Post some photos and I’m sure you’ll be able to get an estimate

Here’s a photo of 2g of Golden Bay gold…


“Pax”, if you’re finding that kinda gold already, I’m sure you’ll figure out the rest…good luck!

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Well, that was in a bag of dirt I got from the Golden Bay… I just found the promised 2g of Gold in it… Not sure how that would help me in the wild though :wink:

If that is 2 grams then it is nice looking gold - I like it. Despite having found three or four ounces over the last fifty years I am tempted to buy some myself but for the simple reason that I would like a sample from up at the top of the south!
Almost looks like Maud River gold.

Looks like gold from your place. :wink: But na, can’t be, no gold there.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Got analysis back… 95.8% Gold, 3.6% Silver, 0.4% Iron

How do I get rid of the Iron? Or how would someone go with refining this gold?

Why bother? Worth more as it is as it is natural gold as mother nature made it. Not chemically processed from crushed up rock to make into a lump of gold. By the time you process it to get rid of the iron/sliver it would cost you more than it is worth & no longer natural gold nuggets/pickers .

Be really happy with what you have.

If you really want to refine it do a google search or you tube. There you will be guided through the process.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

What do people do with this natural gold then?

Its all about the fever. Don’t think you have it. We have never sold any of our gold, we probably have spent more on the pursuit of it. To us its all about enjoying the experience and meeting the people. Think you are leaning towards the people we show our gold to and can only say. “What’s it worth” End of the day we are all doing it for different reasons. Itself is worthless you can’t eat it. The maori knew of it and it was worthless until wr gave it a value.


All mine lives in a mates deep freeze…never sold a gram.

Yip “goldsbrough” I totally agree! its all about the adventure, the people that you meet, the new places that you find ( or find you) gold is that portal……
if you seek gold for its value… just do a few more hours at work… :bulb:?

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