WANTED: Matting for Sluice

Hi all

I’m making up a sluice at home. Before I go and buy some new matting, wondering if there’s anyone on here with any spare stuff laying around not in use. Looking at lengths 700mm and 250mm wide. If you have anything in mind, post here or drop me a line with price etc. Cheers

Where are you based? Carpet companies sell miners moss type matting very cheap, my local carpet company gives me free off cuts sometimes enough to make 5 or 6 sluices. Better than paying premium prices

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Hey mate. Exactly where I thought to go. I’m in Blenheim and have two main carpeting places here. One couldn’t help at all and the other gave a price that was comical, a lineal metre and 250mm wide for $120 plus gst. No off cuts to be found

hi mate i am in queenstown and i went to briscoes and got a large matt of real miners moss for 20.00 enough to do a sluice box check it out i was amazed put it next to real miners moss and identical…

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so here is photo i took for ya 18.00 dollars briscoes 5mile queenstown i put a shoe on there to give you idea of amount of miners moss for 18 buck not bad


That’s a great price mate. I didn’t think of Briscoes, I’ll check them out. Cheers for that

It’s $35.99 for the attached at briscoes. 750mm x 250mm. Looks really good. I would think one of their sales would knock it down in price. It is backed though which I was hoping for unbacked so I could use V matting underneath. Anyone have thoughts on which is best?

thats the stuff and yes i got half price on one of there deals and i think backed is fine but up to you…

Legend, appreciate your help mate. Cheers

your welcome happy sluicing mate good luck may those lovely pickers end up in your sluice box…

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Hi I bought a door mat from Mitre 10 that looked like miners moss, spaghettii mat , acrylic coils, call it whatever. It was black, about $26 for 900 x 600mm. WORKS PERFECTLY, I would say it is the EXACTLY the same product as the gold equipment places sell. Catches the finest gold, and bigger bits as well. Easy to clean up, a good shaking in the bucket gets the gold out. I made my own sluice too, fraction of the price . I can sen pix if you like

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just read further down … yep that’s the stuff. Backed is better, keeps the gold in the mat, not in the bottom of the box which can accidentally get washed out.

Cheers for the info, Pan. Looks like a great buy, I’ll wait till it comes on sale at Briscoes which is usually very often

My thoughts was to use V matting underneath then this miners moss on top, thinking the V matting would catch more. I would need to remove the rubber backing on this this to do that though, might be a challenge

Any thoughts on that?

The sluice is done and I cut down some scrap steel mesh. The sluice is 3mm thick, I think the next one I do will just be 2mm. Would cut down on weight but it’s very sturdy all the same

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Didnt take long for briscoes to get their sale on… this is a good price for “miners moss”

Same here and was getting offcuts of drainage gauze too.

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Some fine ribbed rubber matting under that from from para rubber would be a good addition. You can buy it in less quarter metre pieces up.

I should have update that I sorted a piece from NZ Foam and Rubber for $12 ($32 including gst and postage) I tried a few places from Google and the guy there was super helpful.

The closest Para Rubber from me is 1.5hrs away but I’ll keep it in mind if I’m ever over that way

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the other stuff my 13yo son found was offcuts for $5. to fit over the ribbed matting at
$5. 5mm rubber mat from Pete’s Emporioum in LOwer Hutt. NOrnally it’s $30 a metre.

i think at the end of the day the best stuff is through dan at nz dredge ur matting with scrubber matting …gold hog give dan a call its the best way t go