WANTED: Matting for Sluice

Agree and it does away with the need for miners moss, but we are just playing aournd having some fun experimenting.

Yeah there’s much better stuff out there but on a budget so cheap is good for now. Plenty of time to upgrade :ok_hand:

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Phillie , did you manage to rip the backing off the matt?

No I just left it on there. It’s possible to do that but as the moss is glued, you will leave some behind on the backing. I did a test with a craft knife and certainly doable. Could try a product to help unstick it but with all that mucking round, it would be worth the saving. So I decide just to run the ribbed matting I got on the flare


That question for me bingles?

SOrry Pillie, to Gavzilla

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Glenda drive. But the Briscoe stuff looks best

only problem is it’s got a backing on it.

It’s all got the backing on it, that’s all I use

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