Uranium in New Zealand

And yet uranium bets the lot in value,and plenty of it around nelson

Not commercially viable around Nelson or Buller. I have some of the better samples ever found in NZ and they would not be five percent of the Rum Jungle one I had once I used to keep in an isotope container until I decided it was not a good thing to have it even though I collect mineral specimens. The best NZ samples made the geiger counter click at intervals that could be counted while the Rum Jungle sample sounds like a German MG42 Machine gun. The clicks were so rapid. I was also told that it was far above the safety levels for humans.

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Stuff commercially viable-the stuff is not safe AND its not legal due to OUR government signing the non proliferation treaty.

According to 3 geologists in my previous club it IS commercially viable but what would they know.

People have known about this for decades but as time goes by less and less people learn this stuff.

Of course it is not safe and it is also not commercially viable in NZ on a larger scale due to its discontinuous nature - that is not in enough quantities. One of those heavily involved in mining it in NZ and from whom I got the samples I have here stated that it wasnt and he should know!
This is as good as NZ uranium comes.

This was the piece of Rum Jungle uranium l once had.

Many years ago samples of NZ uranium ore were available in mineral sets which were commercially available in hobby shops . they may have been called ‘New Zealand Minerals’ or ‘Minerals of Maoriland’ - I forget now but they came in several different sets in the 1960s

this is an interesting read.

Very interesti g read.

With coal going/gone out of fashion and a moratorium on natural gas and eventual shutdown of the maui fields within 14 years nuclear may look like a good option again.

Our population is not getting smaller and no more dams have been built.(aucklands water stprage capacity is woefully inadequate because infrastructure was not expanded to match the forecast population)

The greenies dont want more dams or nuclear.

Maybe when we get to 10 million people the government MIGHT play catchip

I would not be surprised if one day we did go nuclear. I dont want it but then again NZ should make a stand and limit the population. Some people deserve to come here for example the Afghanistan families who worked for our government and supported the reform of their society and who are now enemies of the Taliban…but not these wealthy arrogant people who come here and want to buy up large.

In any case the Buller Uranium could support a small scale operation that could sustain NZ - keep it where it was first proposed!


Don’t know about plenty of it otherwise there would be some overseas company ripping the hills to bits getting it. And besides, there is a bit of a difference for your joe average to get uranium as opposed to going for a walk down a beach & trip over a bit of ambergris that has literally washed up at their feet. No so uranium.

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Every house should have solar panels. Our Government doesn’t promote solar as there is no money in it for them, unless they tax it. They are too deep in bed with the power companies. Hell…solar could even charge their poxy electric vehicles. No more need to destroy natural waterways building dams.
This thread is going way off its topic.

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NOBODY is allowed to mine for uranium-full stop.
Doesnt matter if its local or foreign,individual or company.

It would take an act of parliment to allow the mining.

Im not saying it wouldnt happen if a big enough company threw money at the government but at the moment it just wont happen.

When it does i think you will se a special zone created and it will make a maximum security prison look like a holiday park.

It would be patroled with armed guards(a bit like marines in a US embassy or consulate) and would have an air and land exclusion zone

Sounds like a very good reason to leave it in the ground then.

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A friend of mine has an electrical supply business and he has gone solar only-removed grid power and doesnt even pay line access fees.

He has 32 panels and 4 battery banks.
Business has all the normal 240volt ac stuff run from large inverters.

He also has 3 electric vehicles that he charges from the battery banks but sometimes in winter when there is not enough sun to fully charge batteries he charges cars at home offpeak and tops up the battery banks from the cars!

Interesting considering we were visited by one of the guys involved in mining it though that is past tense and not now, how do you think l have the samples l have here?
Can you please supply the references to this legislation or at least a link.
You are possibly right as it could make sense but the armed guards you speak of would not exist otherwise it would be well guarded mow and it isnt. The site of mining is easily accessed.


the article you provided the link for was in the distant past.

Im talking TODAY.

Please pay attention to the crown minerals act 1991 which clearly prohibits anything to do with uranium mining.

Please calm down guys… no need to go nuclear on each other! :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting news report:

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John - l agree entirely that all homes should be converted to solar electricity but we could do that as the electricity companies shareholders would not like to lose their dividends.
Still it is something that l support.

Ohh-very clever Gavin.

Its great to see a bit of topical wit!

p.s. dont worry-i just wont engage from now on.

I note your comments re possession of uranium - its says NOTHING about possession or ORE for a rock collection and indeed, as previously stated, uranium ore samples were included in commercial mineral collections sold in NZ. That is where I got one of my NZ ones. The others were given away to collectors last year or the year before at a speech given by the fellow involved (PAST TENSE for YOU benefit) Your legislation refers to depleted uranium as in munitions and also isotope form etc in Universities and higher education facilities including high schools.
The legislation actually isnt too clear on possession of mineral samples in collections though specific in some areas.

To be fair most people, including myself, regard CAPS as shouting rather than emphasis when used online.

Hi @Jadekayak , I see you joined this site recently and have certainly asserted your thoughts and opinions at a rapid pace! There are some members of this site who have been on it for a long time and have contributed immensely with their broad range of experience. Maybe, just maybe you could back off slightly? Been able to step back and look at yourself and how you come across to others is a great asset!