Two hours on the beach

Hello, my first post on this site although I have been enjoying reading all the other posts for a while, I got an AT Pro a few weeks ago and have been getting used to it since then, have found a few coins each visit to the beaches around here. Today’s finds included four $2 coins and also a small child’s bracelet, but I was really happy with a 1937 florin.


Love the florin - you will be hooked - another detectorholic - once your hooked thats the end of the garden, the dishes and everything else - might also be the end of the relationship!
Great finds - It always gives a thrill when you find something…well something worth while that is!

Great to see another ATP Pilot - Is that the new model, or the older one?

Thanks. It’s the new AT Pro and I will be back at the beach earlier tomorrow to give me more time before the tide comes in. Used to have a C scope when i was a teenager and its taken over 30 years to start detecting again. Can’t believe how much I missed this.

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Great stuff.
Be sure to enter the coins in the competition:

Yep, I sure will,last weeks finds included a shilling, half crown and a 3d so I will get a post up in due course, no gold rings yet but I get a thrill whatever it is when its not a bottle cap or pull tab.

I don’t have a coin seeking machine aka silver vacuum. :grin:
But my first decent find was a 5g gold signet along the bushy edge of a park - you’re definitely in with a chance.

c scope was my first detector too.

Had a lot of fun with the C scope then it broke and I never got back to detecting until now. It was a good morning at the beach again today, twenty coins found, another $9 in spendables,several 10 & 20 cents, a very green corroded 1950 penny and a US Quarter dollar.The ring is a child’s toy ring. An old man on his boat rowed ashore to see what I was doing, he had been watching me yesterday, he was quite intrigued and stood and watched for quite a while as I pulled out a few coins from the beach. Last place I thought I would have an audience at this time of the year!


Well I have had a lot of trouble trying to download and reduce size of photos today, I think I got it now:

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Love the silhouette of the ATP in that pic, keep them coming. :slight_smile:


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If you’re not worried about upload time of pix, you can just adjust the display dimensions once the link has loaded in the post:
width=“391” height="500"
Change either of those, I often just halve each to keep the correct image ratio.

Thanks, I think I will give that a try as well next time

Back on the beach this afternoon, low tide and I concentrated right on the water edge as had cleared all the easy coins higher up, knew I was onto the right place after pulling up some old chunky 50c, lead weight and spoon so thought this is where the heavy stuff is, but had to give up on 3 holes as they kept filling with sea water and mud/sand and I only got a spade. 4th hole and it was in the gold range again, just decided I was not going to give up this time, in the end I rolled up sleeves and used hands in murky sandy muddy water and after almost 10 exhausting minutes a nice shiny gold & diamond ring!
I gotta get a sand scoop ! Ring only has 18ct. stamped on inside though?


Good find mate can’t beat 18k

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Thanks its my first, but now I am thinking of all those holes I gave up on, so I really need to get that sand scoop as my spade just doesn’t cut it!

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Scoops are well worth the money if you spend any amount of time in sand or wading. You can make some serious hole with them, and with good pinpointing skills, 90% of the time the target comes up in the first shot.

I know that now, its on my urgent shopping list!

Excellent work, I,m still hunting my first elusive gold ring so well done you.
Keep on swingin !!

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Only 18K” he says :grinning:

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