Two hours on the beach

Haha meant there was no other hallmarks like a crown etc to show where it might have been made or a date

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great is always good

Yep, thrilled with that find, been checking out cost for a sand scoop though and best I can find is one in Australia for $175 plus postage, the RTG Pro sand scoop on eBay is even more expensive!

Send this guy a message, look like a nice scoop.


Thanks Kate, I will try that.

Visited East coast beaches around Robin Hoods Bay this morning, very little rubbish around on the beach so I think its been detected before and probably still is, but I still got a few coins and a small plain 9ct gold ring in about a foot of water, very pleased with that!


Welldone, you put in the effort and were rewarded.
I do love a no junk beach, though after a while you begin to wonder if the detector is still working :smile:

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Thanks, I seem to be learning quite a few lessons every time I am out

If it’s a well hunted spot, pulling a gold means you’re doing something better than everyone else :wink:

Keep working it - if they missed one…

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I hate it when I have detected for a long time and NO sounds so to reassure myself that the detector is still working I throw an old bullet head in front of me to ‘find’ and then I feel good about my detector for another short while!

For sure lol, twice I put the detector over my spade to check and I switced it on and off to reset it thinking I may have messed up pressing the eliminator button or something :slight_smile:

I’m so used to junky spots, that I do this every 5minutes!

I also have panic attacks when my detector is silent… before realising I haven’t plugged in the earphones - or even put them in my ears! :joy:
Mostly because I’m expecting my coil to suddenly kark it - after it’s brush with water.

The one good thing about NO noise at all where I go is that when there IS a noise then it is something GOOD seventy five percent of the time…so there are advantages. In the A & P showgrounds at Timaru and my grand parents back yard back in the day when there were no pull tabs and rubbush worth mentioning then virtually every sound off was a goodie AND the only rubbish was pennies and half pennies!!!

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happy days,i can remember when i was weighing in bronze pennys by the 2lt ice cream carton full.

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Low tide and another couple of hours spent in the water, 3 coins,some lead, a padlock and then I heard a solid dull tone reading a number 48 on the AT Pro meter, must be gold I thought and it was - a 18ct ring with 5 diamonds. Had to go deeper this time to find it, water above my knees - must be where all the good stuff is in deeper water?


Good job me old china. Awesome target to get.

Thanks, I am now considering to put on my wet suit to get a bit deeper!

great score should clean up very nice

In my experience, you don’t have to go in to nostril depth. Most goodies stop at chest depth (a natural concentrated line where people just stand and bob around…) deeper than that and it’s the swimmers so targets are spread out more. You’ll need a weight belt if deeper than waist, esp with a wettie. I run 30kg!, but I know the scoop is the only thing that’ll be moving when I dig! Also allows me to just drop to my knees and fan the sediment without issue, and waves just break around you. Haha!

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A great ring - fantastic find…may you find many more!