This Weekends finds from Otago

HI All
Here are the results from a quick look after work Friday and at a different spot Saturday.
The 1908 sixpence could tell a story and may be related to the 303 cases found 80 odd meters away??
Not sure what the medal/ badge is - be interested to hear anyones ideas?
Got about $27 in spendies, some old decimals, 5 pennies dated 1936 British,1943,NZ1946,NZ 1955 NZ and 1959 NZ and a 1957 shilling + assorted bits and pieces including a live 308 round


Brilliant finds, i’d say someone was showing their skill’s off which is awesome…

This is a great hunt! I would love to find a six pence like that one! The hole adds so much history!

Yep thats not a bad shot with open sights eh

The badge could possibly be something from Boy Scouts with the fleur de lis, but I don’t think it’s pronounced enough.

Love the 6d - even more so that the ammo and firearm would have been turn of the century stuff and possibly one of the early .303’s Any photo’s of the cartridge headstamps?

Good thinking Mudwiggle - there you go 1942 +

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Aussie made. although it’s a reasonable leap from early 19-teens to 1942. Possibly not the same batch that were fired at the 6d then.

Here are some pics of last weekends park hunt. A couple of silvers and a nice 5 penny spill ( there were 4 when I turned the plug over and another when I put it back and ran the coil back over it) along with a few other things - enjoy



A big weekend - out both days for some interesting finds including a pretty cool metal toy donkey, a few silvers a lot of old decimals and my first gold rings. Sundays finds first then Saturdays then the Sunday silvers then the bling - enjoy


Congratulations on first gold rings well done.:+1:

Well done Fisher-man. Congrats on your gold. Any marking?

nice work , I love those gold rings!

Lots of little joys in those hunts - and a few WooHoo’s too.

I’d be interested in seeing the ‘crown’ thing (in the first pic with the 6d) cleaned up.
I’ve got half of one, but not enough to ID.

Hoping your find can finally decide whether it goes in the cabinet, or in the scrap bucket.
(I learnt early on to never throw out anything unidentified, until it’s positively ID’d as junk)

Hi Mudwiggle
Will do - it appears to be half a badge or pin that I found at a racetrack and it has some engraving so will clean up and post

Awesome finds looks like a good spot you have

Hi Musketballs
The diamond ring is stamped18 carrot and the other one 375 which google tells me is 9 carrot and according to my teenage daughter its a chakra ring


@fisher-man Here’s my piece - it’s got a brooch/pin clasp on the back, but there’s nothing else obvious on mine. Your lettering looks to be “Patent Patent” (Mine’s too far gone - Beach find) image

Thats awesome FM. Generally if you have 18 ct them the diamond is usually of decent quality.
Yeep .375 is 9ct. .583 is 14ct and .750 is 18ct. There are others in between.
Pure gold is 24ct or 1000. So it is just a matter of dividing the number 1000 by 24 and x by 9 = .375 and so on.

“Gold is Good”
Well done & HH

Are you sure that is not a piece of brass fancy work from the face of an old padlock? Imust see if I can find my collection of old padlocks as I know that some of them have got brass bits set on the key hole side.

Got a 90% ID on the UFO from another site - Part of a door latch (Ours seem to be cabinet-size, rather than full door)

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