This should get some interesting discussions going

Waipoua Walls.

Highly polarised opinions on these, so I’m merely going to put up a few pictures that I came across this morning while trawling my aerials.




And flying a bit lower…

Is that the sound of tinfoil being angrily rustled I can hear? :sunglasses:


Okay i will bite…
There is no evidence that they were dwellings of any kind.
Where are their discarded tools and shards of pottery?
The only artifacts from Waipoua are a couple of very crude, but distinctly Maori-looking adzes.

(Runs and ducks for cover)

No, no, no…You’re doing it wrong.
You’re supposed to claim that the ‘ancient walls’ that appeared sometime between 1950 and 1969 had previously been retouched out of the photo by unknown Govmint angencies, and that the farmhouse is some clandestine Top Secret base :laughing:

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Ok hows this…
Theres no govt secret base, as everyone knows the Tah-rah-rah People are descended from the crew of a lost German U-boat.
Any nefarious moving of rock walls is further proof of the German Navys secret use of Alien technology…


It must be true i read it on the internet somewhere

Sorry to ruin all you flat earthers and other conspiracy theorists day.

But the Moon is Fake!

here I go thinking it was made of cheese

The moon is real, but they didn’t go there as Elvis didn’t want to fly through the chemtrails


Fake - I can’t see the elephants.


by god I can see someone poaching . oh and there goes my house, the lawns need mowing

Is that a possum in your apple tree Keith?!

no …1080 got all them.

Sooooo.,… The kumara is from south America… Whenst you dig deep the truth gets denser… And more involved…

Forget Kumara what about the Sungod Rā? Same God same name in India, South America & Polynesia… explain that without putting on a tinfoil hat.

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That’s easy they all came through the star gate with Ra.:grinning:

Stargates … Pfft flew here more like… :yum:


Interesting - more so than you think as it ties ALL of those peoples and cultures up to a common beginning - for those interested insuch things read ‘Maori Symbolism’ By Ettie Rout in conjunction with Hohepa Te Raki

Come on guys ,do try a little harder .you
Have burst my little bubble here’s what I was thinking was that the Celts who built the Walls ,to the end of the earth, we’re well ahead of the darker race or someone from Taiwan had information on how to build walls ,oh my god oh no now I’m pissed wrong hill wrong track ,every thing is wrong ,why did I get out of bed this morning I’m in denial

Maybe the walls were made by the same folks who created the Pier Reiss maps of the Antarctic landmass under the ice almost to perfection LONG before any one discovered Kiwiland. As for the Celts - weellll!
It would be more likely Chinese or navigators out of India or even Egyptian ocean going travellers long before Tasman.
The last suggestion is not entirely stupid because it has been found that many of the ancient Pharoahs had traces of the narcotic cocaine in them - of course mainstream text book academics who dont like to see the boat of ‘accepted knowledge’ rocked or over turned refute these claims but then again highly qualified text book experts can regurgitate text book knowledge and yet cannot think out of the square and are actually dumb bastards who prevent new evidence and knowledge from being even considered.

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Then there’s the Urumchi mummies. Blonde and Red headed caucasians wearing tartan, found in China and dated at 4,000 years.