The end of permitted activity dredging is coming to Otago

Hi Otago miners
As part of the ORC’s proposed Land and Water Plan which is being prepared now, they are looking to remove the permitted activity rule for dredging in Otago. Their staff are currently doing consultation and this information is fresh out.


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Oh no… it won’t be long and they will do this in the Tasman region too.


FFS im over this green bullshit


Thank you for the heads up mate.
Its complete bull s#!t


Bugger!!! Will this also include renewals or just new claims?

All dredging will require a consent to occur in Otago unless it is provided for in the new land and water plan.

and he puapua will be the final nail in the coffin and tear this country apart

What’s the likelihood of victory if we all band together and fight it?

Local iwi will push hard against any challenge i suspect and orc are closely aligned.


So if this was to go through, would every dredger in Otago have to stop dredging until they obtained resource consent?

It sure will stop everyone

Thats right. No consent no dredging.

Guess you won’t be voting for the greens then? :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


They forgot number 5 - We should fuck off and allow people to enjoy their hobby as they have paid enough with getting a claim, equipment and yearly fees.


New World order - the suppression of the masses, subjugation and control. Target minority groups and remove their rights.
The has been going on ever since NZ borrowed money under a Fractional Reserve Monetary system and cant pay it back.
Its time for the minority groups to band together and to respect and fight for the rights of ALL other minority groups even if you disagree because the denial of freedom for one group will lead to the denial of freedom for all.

  • Firearm rights, Fishing rights, gold fossicking and mining rights, land access rights, the rights to buy and smoke cigarettes and the list goes on.
    An entirely NEW political party needs to be formed and people need to be elected who will NEVER bow to the demands and puppet string manipulation of offshore bankers and the UN and other organizations.
    ORC and Local bodies are full of treasonous puppets and text book morons.

Brian Tamaki was actually right - get NZ out of the UN. Even the medical profession is waking up as this article shows…
The reality of the 2023 Election:

As the New Zealand election looms, most agree that the current Labour coalition government is on the way out.

No bad thing as we learn that their assaults on our health service include potentially thousands of [doctors and senior officials quietly exempted from covid jabs on condition of secrecy whilst at the same time some unjabbed patients have been told their life-saving operations are to be denied until they are jabbed and boosted.

Remember, didn’t Prime Minister Hipkins just tell all of us we had a choice to get jabbed or not? We are used to advocating for jab injured and bereaved, but he didn’t say that refusing the jab might lead to a death sentence!

Issues of the New Zealand Election:

NZDSOS has tried not to back any specific political party to take over, in an effort to be non-partisan.

However, this New Zealand election is deeply critical – not just to repair the damage of the last 3 years but to prevent a further slide into an anti-democratic and dystopian future, and there are some issues that we think are key:

  • Full, wide-ranging, independent-of-government inquiry into covid response;
    Acknowledge, investigate, treat, and compensate the vaccine-injured and bereaved;

  • Remove NZ from WHO, UN and WEF urgently, with their attempts to remove our freedoms and sovereignty;

  • Repeal TPB and Coroners Amendment Act;
    Uphold and entrench BORA and Human Rights, Nuremberg code etc;

  • Revamp health practitioners’ regulatory system, and restore ethics and scientific debate;

  • Declare a moratorium on future mandates and on the proposed deregulation of GM drugs and agricultural products;

  • Wind back the gender ideology and early sexualisation used to undermine families and our children’s identity.

It is time to be very pragmatic and look for a party supporting publicly all the above, but with a realistic chance of gaining enough power to stop the juggernaut we have all been fighting since 2020.

Look at all the party policies and candidates, and what they are saying publicly.

For instance, National’s Chris Luxon, the man who would be the next PM, states all childhood vaccinations are to be made mandatory; that the 90% ( alleged) covid vaccination rates already forced on many people are still not good enough; but all unjabbed health staff can return to work if they will test every day!

Worse still, he said yesterday that he didn’t want unjabbed people to vote for him! We’re sure he will get his wish, and that the many forcibly jabbed and regretful have heard him too.

Luxon has ignored that the jabs don’t work, and they cannot against the current variants anyway. He replied with an emphatic ‘NO’ to the question of whether those with legitimate vaccine injuries should be compensated.

At least the current outgoing PM acknowledged the ACC pathway for medical misadventure – though this is refused to many if not most.

Luxon and his main potential coalition partner would see more novel GM products are to be rushed in since the covid jabs are so wonderful.

His health spokesman told us his main reason for denying the possibility of vaccine harm is that he was fine after his, so what’s the problem? This man is a doctor for goodness sake, and has expressed bemused concern over how overwhelmed hospitals are with sick people.

As we learn of urgent life saving surgery being refused for the unjabbed here in NZ – in the same week we hear that hundreds of many dissenting doctors were quietly exempted in return for their silence. Will he speak up for them, or wag the finger?

It seems none of these people who have been in parliament are ready to admit the problems of unprecedented dead and injured young and old, both overall and following vaccination, turbo cancers, and the peer-reviewed publications proving the jabs cause widespread heart inflammation, without symptoms in most and here; are contaminated and inconsistent during production, and still pushed in NZ despite other countries backing off.

We know the jabs make things worse not better for the human immune system, do insert into human DNA causing genetic modification – indeed seem specifically designed to do so – and can cause long-term presence of the modified RNA and prolonged production of spike protein – for at least 6 months according to a recent Italian study.

Labour is telling care home residents they saved the country from US and UK level covid death rates, but that is simply due to the milder virus that later arrived in our easily secured island nation - after many had had their first two shots, funnily enough

However, these variants are still infecting the jabbed, often over and over, and who suffer the burden of so-called ‘long covid’, more accurately called long spike.

A few politicians are starting to understand the catastrophic stand-down of medical ethics that was enabled deliberately, not by accident, and the fake propaganda visited on party leaders (and fear-mongering and reckless gamble with public well-being) by a few panicked or corrupted officials.

All MPs ought to [know the actual truth as we and others have Why didn’t they have a problem with ethical gold standards being demolished, and exemptions refused for those already jab injured?

We need to give these new candidates enough support to enact the strong public commitment they are making, and acknowledge their admissions and apologies for being tricked early on.

The importance of rejecting the WHO IHR Amendments and Pandemic Treaty can’t be overstated. It is not a matter of ‘not signing up’.

We are already signed up and if we don’t actively reject what the unelected and conflicted WHO has planned, we will be all-in without realising. Many politicians do not seem to understand this or do not want to discuss it.

The UN is another unelected body that has lost its way and passed its use-by date. NZ needs to sever ties with this globalist organisation. The tentacles of the even more nefarious WEF reach far and wide and the influence of that organisation should have no place in NZ society.

NZDSOS is proud of all who have newly stood up and are genuine in their desire to lead us out of this dangerous mess, but we urge cool and pragmatic consideration of which party is most likely to get the most seats to achieve what we all hope for…
…even if you must hold your nose when voting.
Every awake and courageous MP we can get into parliament really matters.

Regional Council are just part of the globalisation system.

No I am not hijacking the thread but pointing out that there are sinister moves in NZ to deny us our RIGHTS as good honest law abiding Kiwis. This is just one example.


Lammerlaw your talking my language , so pleased someones awake Jacinda adern was a pupil of Klaus Schwab young global leaders programme , we cannot allow these WEF puppets into power , some very frightening things are happening within our own councils , the massive increase in rates by 2030 is by design with them banking on home owners not being able to pay , energy efficent homes my arse in the disguise of climate crisis youll be forced into complying your debt to the council will increase so with massive inflation the cost of living thru the roof the biggest property grab begins, build back better so they say , more like wipe out the middle class , so the globalist pigs can become even more gready , covid was the biggest piss take the worlds ever seen , yip its real but it was a plandemic , Bill gates even held event 201 back in 2019 i think . dress rehearsal for covid , covid 19 the great reset , indegenous peoples act , he puapua the voice mass immigration , all designed to destabilise us , the pandemic treaty is pure evil , central bank digital currency and a social credit score system . all control control control , if you wanna go boating you better check your carbon foot print the petrol pump might decline you . i could go on forever check the NZ governments website CBDC digital I D its all comming … stand up and say NO… NZ LOYAL


You’re bang on webby!!! These globalist scum are in every area of our lives, and they won’t be happy until we’re dead or slaves in their 15 minute cities.

Party vote NZ LOYAL!!!

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Our elected councillors need to stand up to these un-elected back room activists. And get value for our rates money by stopping these non-core distracting activities that make clip board carriers look busy.


Thanks Mangrove for your in depth heads up on this issue.

Stop moaning everyone and stand up!

Mangrove has kindly alerted us all to this so I will stand up and support the fight for this nonsense, come on everyone let’s band together split the costs and present a strong case to win, if we don’t and sit back and moan then our freedoms will get erased, it won’t stop here!

Mangrove or anyone else what would be suggested on our next move?
Maybe a list of who is stepping forward to fight this so then we know who is supporting the funding and movement against this totalitarian dictatorship


I’m willing to stand up and fight too!! We need to be organized and have a clear plan of what must be done next. If every dredger in Otago chipped in and spoke up we would have a chance.

Not everyone hangs out on these forums though, so an important part of the battle is just making everyone aware.