The end of permitted activity dredging is coming to Otago

yip 15 minute cities , climate lockdowns to come we all need to push back

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I have been talking to an Otago dredger. He is motivated to ring around and look to raise funds.


Thanks Mangrove,
I have been in contact with your same source, a suggestion of a list of all who wish to fight this and all costs to be split amongst those on the list, in essence we must all be on the list, to stand as one will send a clear message to all those that think they can dictate new rules to, in the future they will have second thoughts on any new ideas, as they will know we all stand as one, so come on everyone, and this is detector operators to, as they will not stop at us, put your miners freedom boots on and join in for a big push back to support financially and for all our future freedoms for years to come
Thank you again Mangrove for getting this started


So how do I get on this list to support any action or submission. This will have far reaching consequences, claims will be worthless, equipment will be worthless I can go on but would be interested in supporting any group action


Im aboard will be calling organiser tonight good work Mangrove

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I’m the organizer with the list and will be in contact.
Pm me your phone numbers or email.
Looking like tentatively have 10k raised already give or take.

Will have more details about how to pay and where your money goes


Jesus christ. How many fingers and how long did it take to make that reply

I cut and pasted it - statement made by the NZDSOS.

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Not sure how much use i’ll be but hold my hand and point me in the right direction and i’ll do what i can. I can see this eventually not only affecting dredging but all fossicking as well.


I wouldn’t call Lammerlaw Jesus Christ, he will get struck by lightening :zap: as sure as God made little apples. :joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi Mr Lammerlaw. I am sure the SOS doesn’t stand for, save our souls. And NZD isn’t the NZ dollar. That is already screwed.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

this sounds like the same go 13 years ago with orc. are we forming a group to put a deal together as i think saying nothing is wrong.

Pm me i am organizing the push back on this.

Will be posting mote details next week


To be fair get iwi on side some $$$ and suddenly council will shift they are left wing socialists after all


That possibly isn’t a completely silly idea. Ngai tahu or what ever it’s spelt are business oriented. So maybe easily enough persuaded to our side.

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If you read What mangrove has written he clearly states that iwi and council are closely aligned, the best idea is to sign up with the give a little site, it’s up and running now, if we all do that then it will send a clear message that we are a strong force that bands together to counter any ideas or consents that have no basis

Everyone must submit an individual response to the green radicals. If we swarm the council with complaints, they get annoyed. Don’t rely on a bulk submission. Craft a stern email.

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then everyone needs to prepare and sign an open letter to the primeinister lodging a public objection to create a hearing at regional council otago
i have done similar my self and got a $50 million doller consent reversed at regional council


Just want to update everyone where things are at- I attended the Cold Gold resource consent application last week in Cromwell as this is a real test case for our cause and got a really good idea of what sort of arguments are going to be put forward from ORC, Iwi and other groups around essentially banning suction dredging.

As such it gives us the opportunity to see what tack the enemy will take and being forewarned is being forearmed.

moving forward we need robust data and science to win this. The plan of attack will be to gather data from at least 5-7 sites within Otago looking at before, during and after dredging on the down stream effects on river biota

The other thing we need is data on sediment plumes from dredges, ie lengths , makeup and distribution

The other thing is lead and mercury removal from rivers and other activities carried out in rivers ie by councils showing excavation or changes to river beds particularly in sensitive areas

What I need from you guys is the following:

Pictures of floods in rivers in Otago with location, approx date, as well as what the river looks like in normal flow.

Lead and mercury removed from rivers from mining. Photos are good

Claim owners who are willing to allow a freshwater ecologist to come onto there claim and measure effects wafter you have been dredging. Preferably id like a spot that also has a track across the river to show how much sediments vehicles disturb in the river every time they cross vs a dredge

Most importantly anyone with data they have had to do around consents either in Otago or anywhere in the country with regards to river health. This data is invaluable

Fresh water ecologist expected to start some work early in new year

Please send me info to or PM me


Absolute rubbish! This will just mean people start illegally mining gold thus negating any controls currently in place to protect the environment. Prob already mentioned but surely each and every flood is moving around sediments more-so than a dredge ever will. Erosion of rights in every sector of society which is blindly accepted by the greater mob of sheep. Beam me up Scotty!

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