Swimjoy Pump Seals

Hi im new to dredging and have a 6inch home built…monster…it runs a 5.5hp clone and has a swimjoy pump…i was wondering if anyboby knows what type of mechanical seal it would use as it has a slight water leak …any help is much appreciated…im based in Reefton on the west coast …cheers.Darryn

The swim joy pump is more or less a copy of a Keene 180 pump. So possibly a Keene seal will do the trick. Daniel at Dredge NZ should have one. Failing that it is a pretty common seal, or was in its day. Years back I purchased one through a water pump outlet in Christchurch. Try contacting engineering outlets. It is a ceramic seal, but they would need to know the size and dimensions. Quite a few years back the Swimjoy casting moulds were advertised for sale, pretty sure it was on the old forum. Somebody snapped them up. And was going to start re manufacturing. But it didn’t seem to come to anything. I had two swim joys both mounted on a 5HP Honda.

Cheers Trev aka “The Hatter”

Thanks for that…will give Dan a call…

pretty sure it was the original dredge nz guy (also a Dan) or a close mate of his that purchased the casting molds. he was going to use them on the dredges he built but then started on the keene gear so dont know what happened with them Daniel Gerber may know?

If the seal is leaking around the volute then your best bet is to use gasket cement, silicon or the like or cut out the pattern using the old one as a template on gasket paper or leather.

If its a shaft seal get hold of SaecoWilson and get yourself a ceramic seal they do a variety of seals in the sizes you require and cost about $20

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Thanks gor the info its the shaft seal thats leaking…

I once had a swim joy, great pumps.

That was really helpful. Not, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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