Seal kit for swimjoy pump

Hi all. Does anybody happen to know where I can purchase a seal kit for a swimjoy pump? Are the keene seal kits the same? They look similar. Which pump unit would be the same if so?
Any info would be grand! In a dilemma here!

I would try SaecoWilson in Dunedin or a branch closer to where you live, here is a link to a early discussion Swimjoy Pump Seals
You may need to take the old seal in.
or take it dredge nz and compare to the Keene p180

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Thanks fossil. A trip out to Dredge nz is a good idea. I had a look through the website and they look similar. Also Im sure someone said they were a bit of a copy of the keene pump so probably used the same seals.Thanks for that mate

This seal kit will work for Keene P180s and Swimjoy pumps. Just replaced out both of mine.
You can get them for about $35. Very common part if you know the serial numbers. Alot cheaper than Dredge NZ


Thank you very much Mattaray. You just made my day! Brilliant cheers mate👍