Swede With Gold Fever


I just thought it would be nice to introduce myself, so here we go… :slight_smile:

My name is Elias and I’m new to this forum. As the title says, I’m a Swede with gold fever. My biggest dream is to travel the world :airplane: and of course to find some shining yellow while I’m doing it.

I’m 18 years old, almost 19, meaning that I’m currently doing my senior year in high school. I will graduate in June 2017 :sunglasses: The plan is to finish my studies, work for half a year, and after that taking off to New Zealand in November, where I will work and travel for a year. Apart from gold panning and metal detecting, fishing is also a great interest of mine :fishing_pole_and_fish:

So why New Zealand? You might ask.

Well, New Zealand is, and have always been, on my list of “countries that I’ve got to visit before I die, no matter what”, along with Australia. The reason why I love New Zealand so much, or at least why I think I will love it (I’ve never been there), is because of its beautiful nature. I’ve seen every picture there is, and I’m absolutely blown away by all the mountains and green valleys, the crystal clear water and the salty beaches :herb::heart_eyes:

I joined this forum to find new friends, with same interests as me, and who are willing to offer some of their time and knowledge to help a Swedish young man out on what is probably going to be the journey of his life.

Thank you for taking the time reading this, I really do appreciate it :blush:



Kiwiland is a good place and heaps to do. I am amazed that you are a Swede - I eat them - how about that - You have to boil them though but can eat them raw. Nothing like a Swede in the pot.

Ok when you get here then the country has many different and diverse things which you would like - fishing is cool - both Sea fishing and trout - for trout Gelignite or nickle spinner is possibly the best bet but you can use a rod and fly fishing is a favourite with many and people come from all over the world to fly fish some of our rivers.

Troll this site and also all New Zealand gold mining sites to see what people are finding, where they go and how they go about it and I am sure that you could take a nice specimen home. A friend I had out here from Europe where ever that is took home 5 grams from my place last time he was out but mind you I gave it to him when in one of my rare generous moods which may have been induced by several bottles of Belgium beer which is pretty good stuff.

Yes the mountains and valleys are lovely and Central Otago (spell check tried to change Otago to faggot) is also lovely in places but getting ruined by rich dudes buying up large, fencing it off and making it into Vineyards but there are still large tracts to which that will never happen.

We have had a few Earthquakes lately so if your into Rock and Roll then hey its a great place to be and last night a geyser apparently blew up in Rotorua which makes me wonder. Coromandel is absolutely marvellous as the scenery is magnificent and there are some grand rock specimens to be found and that includes some good ore specimens. If you like hiking try the Pinnacles at Coromandal

The West Coast of the South Island is great and quite different - maybe get in touch with Kiwikeith on here - hes a grand lad and I have no doubt would set you right.

I am part Norwegian (Names Bjerk and Neergaard) - my grandmothers cousin was this guy Google
I wonder if Swedes grow in Norway?

You will love out here buddy - it is a nice country but before you come out befriend a few on this site and I am sure that where ever you go out here you will have contacts to give you ideas, guidance, directions, lead you astray in the kiwi way of life, and send you home with a few treasures…


hi there look me up when you get here will take you for a walk looking for gold , maybe shoot some wild meat for your tea. show you some good fishing spots. its a bugger when its all at my back door (hear the goats from my back door)

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Here is a picture from my trip to Coromandel last year.

I’m sure you will love it here, and have an amazing time.

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Hi there, and thanks for your reply!

Before I go any further with this comment I just want to point out that I’m not a vegetable, and most certainly not a “swede”… :joy: But you probably knew that already, and if not… Well, I’ve heard that there are some tribes in Paupua New Guinea that have a strange habit to eat human flesh, but cannibals in New Zealand (!?) huh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m really excited to find out more about New Zealand and the Kiwi lifestyle. I will go through every single thread there is about gold on this forum, hopefully will I learn heaps of new things, and make some new friends at the same time. Really cool to hear about your European mate! My dream is to find a nugget, big enough to wear around my neck, but I wouldn’t complain if I so just found micro. What is important to me is that I’ve dug it myself, and that I had fun finding it :slight_smile:

When it comes to fishing I’d love to catch a wild rainbow trout. You see, we have them here in Sweden as well, however they’re all grown up in big water tanks since they can’t spawn in our waters for some reason. We have these “put and take” lakes where you can catch them, but it’s kinda expensive and not the same as catching one in the wild. Furthermore I love sea fishing. When you’re used to catch the same old pikes and perches over and over again, then it’s great to catch some new cool species :fishing_pole_and_fish: Since I have a “burning” interest in fishing I don’t think I should be around any explosives… :joy::bomb:

I really do appreciate that you took your time writing this very informative, and rather entertaining comment. I read it on the bus to school this morning, and I have to say I had some serious struggles trying not to laugh. I didn’t want to look like a crazy person, but I guess I failed with that big smile all over my face lol :joy:

Take care and happy hunting! :grinning:


Looks great! I can barely wait until I will be able to go on my own gold adventures. Thank you for that awsome picture :slight_smile:



I would love that! I will remember your name, that’s for sure. This is exactly what I was hoping for, to make new friends and to get some advice .Thank you! :slight_smile:


I took you seriously when you said that you were a Swede - the reason is it did seem quite feasible because up in Auckland I know this woman who has terribly spindly legs but under her short dress she looks terribly like a pear so I came to the natural conclusion that she just had to be a pear propped on spindly legs - so why not a Swede on legs?

New Zealand used to have cannibals before and for a short time after Europeans arrived but the habit seems to have faded into obscurity at least for the meantime.

New Zealand never had any native four legged animals to shoot so the pioneers introduced a great variety of animals and thus Kiwiland has developed a reputation as a fine country to go hunting in. Kiwikeith and myself are keen hunters but only two of many.so if you like hunting this is the place to be.

A couple of photos of Coromandel for you showing just how beautiful it is. You can just imagine the fishing here. This is a place called Hahei


Haha, you’ve got a sense of humor, I like it :joy:

Didn’t know about the cannibals, very interesting. I think I will have to look more into that, a little bit creepy though hehe :sweat_smile: I’m interested in hunting as well as in fishing. Trying to get my hunter’s license finished, but there has been a lot in school and stuff going on, so I kinda have forgotten about it… Sound great though, with the hunting, have to look that up as well :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the pictures, it’s so unbelievable beautiful! Nothing like Sweden at this time of year - grey and cold brrr… :snowflake: Days like this really make me dream about places like that. Guess the water is full of fish just waiting to be caught. Oh, one can dream! :heart_eyes:

This is the Catlins in the southern half of the South Island and also a pig I shot in between diving in the river for gold in the middle of winter. Theres a nutter born every minute which shows you a little of the hunting here - pigs, deer, tahr, chamois, goats,hares, rabbits, wallabies, ducks and game birds and so on.

I am sure you will like it here.

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That’s a beast, well done! Really beautiful view over the rocks and the sea as well. Do you have a youtube account, or maybe a Facebook page, or Instagram? Would be nice to see more pictures :slight_smile:

Am on facebook but I have no idea what instagram is and only limited vids of me blasting ducks out of sky on youtube - I dont put on gold on youtube.

love the landie, replaced the range rover with this beast. 1970 series 2a with 186 motor , I use it ever day up the hill its strong enough to be able to carry all the dead goats and gold. when running on lpg it smells worse than the mother in law on a hot day

hey Golden boy we don’t mention the cannibals in New Zealand,we only pretend not to know why some trampers go missing :wink:
Hope you enjoy your trip.

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Now that I DO like - same year as mine but mine is deceptive as I didnt like the wire grill so got a later grill to put on it hence the later look…yep thats a cracker Keith - me is jellyarse. I still have that one in my photo - David just asked if he could restore it

they are starting to fetch big money these days. say hi to david from us…
you can still find the odd cannonball in the bush. it was only 150 odd years ago people were eating each other in faqct I think it still goes on in private places

Long Pig - a luxury! The hand is the best part - cooked palm upright so that the body juices accumulate as the hand shrinks in the umu (oven) and forms a cup to hold the juices! You will love it out here - get friendly with some of the cannibals - Oops I mean natives and hey you will want to live here permanently. In places like Auckland it does pay to be able to understand Kampuchean and Chinese. I am learning it quickly and have found it is quite easy to learn. They say whole sentences as one word - for example “Nohottiechippyfloorflirtyyouwanniepie” means ‘No hot chips until four thirty - do you want a pie’ and “Dasfleawoggaeatiepeas” means 'That is three dollars eighty please’
Yes its a great country New Zealand - in fact they are going to declare genuine New Zealanders endangered species because the place is being over run with permanent immigrants however shortly I am standing for parliament and Kiwiland is going to be returned to the Kiwis - in other words New Zealand is going to be returned to the New Zealanders.


got my vote in fact I will vote twice

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Oh, photo competition is it? (I’m all for one up manship…bah, I’m too busy :slight_smile:)

By the way that is Table mountain in my picture you will go past it on the way to the Pinnacles.
You can climb it too, it’s reputed to the the worst tramp, very steep sides, and there is only one path up.
The top is a very overgrown swamp due to the water sitting atop it. But there is a log book in a bucket (waterproof) in the middle for those that want to say they did it.
Due to all the tree’s you will need to take a fold out ladder to get a good view up there.
Though taking a ladder up, will be a hell of an additional task.

Here is a funny read about it:


Ah, okay. I’m looking forward to see more nice pictures and to read all about your adventures here on paydirt then lol :wink: