Swede With Gold Fever

Trying to scare me away before even getting there? Haha :joy: Well, I did say I was looking for adventures so… lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Makes me feel comfortable going out in the bush panning for gold lol… :sweat_smile:

“This trip has no highlights, no rewards and no views” sounds very inspiring, doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, for some interesting reading :slight_smile:

Scare you away - never - hell were are the friendliest people this side of the cooking pot. As for the native bush it pays to go with those who know it because many have gone missing in it over the years but that is because they dont know what they are doing or go unprepared. You will meet some of the friendliest people on Earth here in Kiwiland and they will welcome you and be happy to make your visit to New Zealand a pleasant and memorable one.
This is the type of country I pan and play in - it is my own place and down below the waterfall I am standing above you will see piles of rocks - they were put there by the old time miners who found a lot of gold here - I have had nuggets up to 6 grams within the scope of this photo in years past but only walk up the creek now after thunderstorms have sent floods down to scour the banks or clear a new bit of bedrock.

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there are many ways to get into our hills looking for gold


Hey where the gun mounted? Seriously I am thinking of one of these to get out the back of my place.

and more ways
no room for a 45/70


I have to get that recipe from you when I get there, would you mind to write it down for me? lol :wink: When it comes to languages I think I will stick to English. Took Spanish classes for about six years in school, but that was just wasted time since I didn’t learn much :joy:

Now that’s something I haven’t seen before. Sick! :scream:

I have only heard people talking positive about New Zealand and its people, so I don’t, not so even for a second, doubt that I will meet heaps of friendly people during my stay. I’ve been on this forum for like two days now and I have already met a whole bunch of nice people, so you’re living up to your reputation :wink:

I totally agree with you, the smartest thing to do is to go with someone who is experienced and knows his/her environment. Not only for your own safety, but because you will learn so much more due to the exchange. My intentions with joining this forum was to make new contacts and to meet people who enjoy doing same things as I do.

Yet another wonderful capture! I can’t see the river in the picture, but I guess it’s hidden behind the trees. I’m a little bit curious though. Is this part of your property, or do you just have the right to dig there, like a mining license?

The Water at this point drops over a fairly high waterfall and flows down the valley but you cant see it because of the plants but this is part of one step of the waterfall - I own the place and it is an old historic goldfield or part of but too big for me and might be sold before too many years have passed. I use it as a private hunting, tramping, exploring place for self and long term friends.


So you have your very own goldfield then, that’s so cool! Man, I 'd hang there all day long if I had place like that. Have you ever walked over your lands with a metal detector, or do you just do traditional panning? Is that river big enough to go sniping in? (just found out about this method :slight_smile:). Wonder how one comes across a place like that?

We just moved to a farm. Bought the place some years ago and now we’re building a new house (there used to be an old house with origins from the late 1800s, but we had to wreck it in order to build the new one). It’s not really a big property, only about 5 hectare, and there is obviously no gold around here… We do have some hares, pigs and roe deer crossing our lands from time to time though :joy:

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Metal detectors? What are they?


Haha awesome! Had any luck with it?

Oh yes - thats my son with my Minelab - he found an undiscovered gold reef with it once - this is one of the pieces he broke off


Wow, now that’s a nice piece! :heart_eyes: Love the look on that.

sometimes it is just to cold and ground to frozen


other times you have to take the wife along to help out

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I could not do that Keith for diverse reasons - needless to say no gold mining would be done - nice spot - I like it my type of country - I could handle a day or two of that…my gear was never so sophisticated and my engine was a nightmare to move - I dont know how I ever did it back then - I only began to work this spot and was getting nuggets up to 12 gram here - was always going to go back but never did.

This is the spot where a boulder fell and trapped me underwater and broke my leg - its kind of agony trying to free yourself then getting yourself back to the Landrover and driving all the way to the hospital! And to make matters worse was the first day of the holidays.


Brrrr! :sweat_smile: One question that struck my mind is when does the gold season start/end? All methods included, from sniping and panning placer gold in the rivers to hunting for nuggets with metal detector, and everything in between.