Summer 2018 the search for spendies

I need a new ctx coil, the big one, give or take its about $480 NZD.
I intend to find that $480 this summer between Labour day and Queens birthday.
1- I must hunt at least once a week and I must find at least a home coin every hunt.
2- the home coin doesn’t have to be a spendie
3- gold and silver by-catch doesn’t count.

First hunt this morning netted $11.80 and 6 of those annoying Chinese coins that are turning up everywhere nowadays, there would have been more spendies but too many crazy drunks around my spots.
Will try again later today in daylight.
Running total $11.80


Good luck with your goal hope you make it. I’ve found schools a great place to find spendies if you can get permission ( $36 for 2 hours last time). All the best HH & GL.

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Good luck WD.
Here is some encouragement from my 2012. :slight_smile:



Another playground

Running total $12.90


this is a great idea! I have made $1020 so far this year! Cant wait to see how you do!

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Another $1.50 to the cause and 2 silver coins by-catch.
Running total $14.40


Another $1.20 running total $15.60

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Gotta love silver by catch, I have to break into my spendies now as I have a crack in my coil which is now water logged can still use but pull tabs read 91 instead of 78 and I can’t turn up the sensitivity.

Have you Tried giving the cracked coil a week or 3 in the hot water cup board?
Worked on my euro ace then sealed it up with clear nail varnish.

Gonna do that and keep as spare, upgrade in coil won’t hurt could do with an other inch or two in depth might put a cover on when in those stone rivers tho.


Me being just a little Scottish decided that coil covers we’re too expensive so I cut ice cream container lids to the profile of the bottom of the coil and using wide black tape I tape them on…works a treat.

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Had a few hunts with nothe much to show
Running total $16.10

Where about in the North Island are you? If your keen we could go on a join hunt possibly…

I am based in West Auckland but get all over the north island for work.
Always keen on a meetup for a hunt.
I use a CTX 3030

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When dig playgrounds, do you dig down or just scrape away the lose top layer?

@Muftin obviously the most important thing is to not cause any damage to the playground.
So I will only scrape away the bark as far as the weed mat. With my regular playgrounds I endeavour to remove every target that I can.
Targets under the weed matting stay where they are.
Even in playgrounds and on beaches I refill my holes like I was never there.
It pays to be very careful while hunting in playground bark as I find some truly horrible items in playground bark even used Hypodermic needle’s and fishhooks.
Best spots are under the swings, monkey bars and flying foxes.
If I am not finding zipper pulls it’s a pretty good sign someone else has searched the playground recently.


Darn zipper pulls they sound so good.l

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Been on the road with very limited options and time for detecting, some beautiful beaches however the sand is very deep and clean.
Suspect some dedicated local detectorists clean up the place.Running total $18.10


Managed to get out for an early morning hunt while rest of house still asleep.
Got an armistice coin and a 1933 silver sixpence.
$6.60 spending and a usable teaspoon running total $24.70 .


Probably last hunt for 2018. 1934 silver sixpence, $2 spendies and a big pile of junk running total $26.70