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Suitcase Dredge in action

A friend has restored an old suitcase dredge and wanted to give it a test drive on the claim. For those of you curious about these suitcase dredges of yesteryears, a couple short clips of it in action…


Looks hard on the back. What size motor & pump & suction nozzle? Did he get any gold?

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Hard on the back… I prefer the lying down in the water position myself, but I think he was trying to stay a bit warmer.

5" nozzle, motor and pump I’m not sure about but they’re about 35 - 40 years old ish.

He got a few flakes of gold, but I don’t think he was in the best spot… bedrock was a bit smooth when I took a look under the water after he’d had a play.


Hi Gavin, Thanks for that. I prefer to lay out too to save the back. As you would have seen those pics of my wee play on a friends claim the water was very shallow & didn’t warrant laying down & was only suitable for a suction nozzle. My back paid the price. Took a few days to get over it. :roll_eyes: Enjoyed it though as the weather was good & the water wasn’t cold & managed a bit of colour. :+1: Even the company I had with me wasnt bad. :wink:

JW :slight_smile:

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Classic example of why they didnt get all the gold 40 years ago :slight_smile: , good to see one running though i can see the appeal being so portable , would the box not be better sitting underwater ?

I’d forgot that they were supposed to be underwater. I wonder how much difference it would make.