Stolen - Nissan Terrano

Hi all
Last Wednesday morning someone decided that they liked my truck better than me.
Lots of gear in it.
Stolen from my home New Brighton Christchurch
Was last seen Wairakei Road area.
Please if you see it call 111
1992 Nissan Terrano
2 tone - gold & green
Has a Gold Hog sticker in rear window.

Hope you get it back - Its such a shame that scum, low life, arseholes, gay bois and filth exist. When these trashy bastards are caught they usually get a rap over the knuckles (the rap should break the nuckles) and then let go…thats why they are repeat offenders.

For each charge of thievery a finger should be amputated and on their head tattoed the words ‘Beware thief’


Back in the day they used to amputate the hands.
Absolutle scum bags.

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Likewise, my truck was also stolen just before Xmas from my drive way with a bunch of gear in it too.

1992 Nissan Safari rego WO7898.

On the off chance it hasn’t already been pulled apart for parts or shipped overseas…

Not sure what the hell is going on in Chch at the moment, seems 4WD’s are being stolen left, right & center!

1992 models seem to be popular.

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With the gold and green paint job too! These two vehicles were often seen out together on missions too :wink:


The 4wd across the road from me was taken two weeks ago. I have battery disabling devices on mine so that any attempt to start them aint gonna work.

Seems as if you both have been linked and targeted for some reason.

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Not sure on cost but all our machines /utes have GPS we had a small digger stolen at 230 am some numnut could not be stuffed walking home
Anyway he was charged with theft and got DIC

you guys never learn . landrover are 4wd, who the hell wants an old shitter like a landrover.
still the best on the road after 50 years.

Speak for yourself…my Landrover is In Latin ‘Landrovus defunctus’ and no one could steal it as it dont go…when l win lotto l might buy a real good older one.

Nah, just coincidence I reckon. Was about a month apart and there’s loads getting stolen at the moment.

Sadly the penalties for stealing is a bloody sight less than the penalty for trying to stop the filthy mongrels and hurting them. There should be draconian penalties equal to say three times the value of the item stolen plus photos of the miscreants published in the newspapers.

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the fact that cops aren’t interested in looking for stolen vehicles doesn’t help either.

arguably Keith, arguably

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Interesting you saying that as drunken nasties park in my sons drive way at a rural property that I sold him. Due to the evidence and damage they have done - attempted to set gorse on fire, get in by ramming gate and bending it double, pulling gate post out of ground etc. Throwing large amounts of rubbish about and smashing spirit bottles, plastic bags with green residues in, paper wet wipes, condoms etc. It has been reported to the Police and they dont want to know and dont do a thing. They have been told that it happens on either a Friday night or Saturday night at least once a month. A five minute run for a Police patrol over the course of one month would nab them. The Police arent interested.

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they never seem to be interested in any thing these days unless they can get some glory out of it. LOOK AT MEEE. any thing where there could be confrontation and they run the other way. I guess they need more of them out there, they may be under staffed. election year so have to wait and see.

Out running once when I did happen upon a discarded number plate and I wondered why so car jammed it (so not running that fast), the officer delegated to it phoned and said he braved a bee/wasp hive, I didn’t get that close to know that, and I am not so sorry after hearing that, but he definitely got wet and dirty to investigate. I think if it pops up it gets dealt with.

just mention firearm and the police will be there quickly indeed.

Yes indeed. There is a joke based on that which l wish could remember but like everything else it has slipped my mind.
Your dead right though.