Stolen dredge Lindus

Stolen dredge from the Lindus just south of rest area on the main road, between Thursday afternoon to Monday noon 8th February.
Pontoons are 7 x 20ltr containers each side all camouflage paint. 6 inch x 3mtrs suction hose, cream colour. To suction nozzle. Box is 400 wide by approx 1200 long. Several unique tools also.
Moter and layflat hose were hidden in a different spot so they don’t have them.
Any help would be great thanks Roger

Filthy little fu-----, bottom feeding pond scum. Hope you get your gear back, I’m traveling round a bit over the next month, I’ll keep an eye out for you.


Will keep my eyes peeled

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sorry to hear that Roger, theres some low lifes out there , someone must know something , do you have pics you can post online , good luck ill keep eyes ears open

Photo on Facebook, had trouble trying to get one on here. Thought you would be in your river. How’s it going.?

sorry to hear that mate i will also be on the lookout for ya

had a terrible start with huge flood , lost a bit of gear , but getting sorted now will be pushing some winter dredging at this rate


That’s crazy! Sorry to hear that Roger. We just talked about it hopefully being fine where it was.

here is a photo of it from last week when I was there hope it up loads if not I’ll send it straight to your phone. Hope this helps.




Thanks for that. How was the clean-up?

Hope you get it back. Gutless homosexual bum bandit bastard(s) to do that to you.
I wonder if you can get wider exposure on the social media or even the local news papers, asking for information. Vehicle seen with the dredge etc. Supply a photo.
Have you reported to the Police.
Have you put up notices with a photo in shop and business windows?

I havnt quite fished the weather has been amazing here in wanaka so just been enjoys the time with the family. That’s why I didn’t get back for a 2nd day sorry I could have caught the barstards in the act. But it looks like about a gram.

I get the funny feeling that they wouldnt take it out from the spot you mention right away if it is where I think you are referring to - it would be too risky - do you mean Goodgers Flat area. I strongly suspect that they might have floated it away down stream and hidden it with the intention of getting it when things have cooled down a bit at a later date. in other words it could still be there but downstream a fair way. My suggestion is to go looking for it - now my suggestion makes a lot of sense as there would be less likelihood of them getting caught if they floated it a mile or a few miles downstream - get friends to go with you to cover the bank for a couple of miles down and if you find it report it to the police and if in cell phone range set up a security camera to watch it and then record them when they return.
I have several security cameras now and the ones in cell phone reception range alarm my phone and record the movement in real time and send it to me.

Checked down stream first off then came back and investigated the sight and found where they dismantled it and found my ropes on the waters edge ,you can see where they dragged it up the bank.
Yes you are correct in your location
Me thinks it was at night that they missed the motor.
Find post on Facebook and please feel free to share.
Thank you Roger

Well someone knows and if you have series of photos of the dredge from different angles then post them every where. I hope the leeches get caught.

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What kind of a person does this? seriously, I cant fathom some people. Man! I am getting grumpy just thinking about this! I am really glad they didn’t get the motor mate at least thats something! grrrr

I spent many a happy hour there twenty or so years ago when I camped there with Dad, my son and sometimes my family and two old friends who shot on the rabbit board and lived at Tarras. We used to potter for gold and had permission to shoot Georges Hill where I got my record number of rabbits.
Sadly for me its claimed now otherwise I would have tried my luck there again - but it does annoy me about the type of scum who took your dredge and I hope they get theirs.
Have you got a photo of the types of containers it was made out of? I used black Hydrogen Peroxide containers for our pontoons thirty years ago and they never ever bio degrade so they are as good as they ever were. I cant make any promises but if I go for a walk out to our old claim I left about ten out there and if I could get them just maybe you could have them to replace yours - just a thought at this point in time.

They are easy enough to replace.
Contact me anytime you want to have a play.
We have a mutual acquaintance who joins me on the claim sometimes. Without mentioning names. Clyde gunsmith.

Hey Roger sorry to hear about your dredge mate. Hope you get it back. Last time I was at your place I remember seeing this dredge being built so it is quite distinctive. Hope you find it. Ive got a spare pump if you need to build another one

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that’s the clean up. Not bad for only starting at 10 and fishing at 4,30 with a lunch break


SHIT…don’t mention guns to Lammerlaw. :laughing: He loves them.

Sorry to hear about your dredge. Shit heads…Hope you cleaned up any gold that was in it.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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