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Southerlies 2020 and misc

This is a ranger’s permission this anniversary weekend and apart from a good kilo of bottle tops the following made me feel better. Next is the ranger’s permission to keep it!

I’ll add that when I asked to come here he said, ‘just don’t do what the last guy did and fill your holes.’ Be mindful that your actions affect the next yes or no people.


Nothing too exciting in terms of finds, I do wonder what the dimpled cap is, it’s threaded so it’s not ‘of age.’

But I was disappointed to find that a great big chunk of suspected ship wreck midden (certainly pings, big metre x metre chunk of clay, shells, crap and rust and things and stuff) had been broken apart, after it sat on the beach for six months in the winter when only I am brave enough (or stupid perhaps), and the visible copper, very fancy light fitting, taken. Simple math, half hour of smashing x what you think your time is worth + 60,000 fine - the 3.60 per kilo (of which the light fitting may have made 1 at a very generous guess) = not worth it. And nobody touched the riveted tin smoke stack (which I’d be rather interested to know from which wreck it has come from (currently buried but wasn’t all winter)).

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I found Jesus (last year) and the ring that I just had returned from the Police lost & found process…My first yellow gold ring, and it fits.


cool bangle i never seem to find those,great work

It was buried, maybe 2 cms down near the main kitchen area at the campground so possibly lost last year or the year before after a good night (signs up there ask people to vacate by ten pm now), a bit bent but functional. Now in the care of the ranger. I’m banking goodwill for greater expeditions.

Mostly pre-decimals for Waitangi eve & day…Check out the headless horse. Has a possible bakelite/terracotta bent to it, not today’s plastic! and not Minoan.

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cool florins nice work…

Disagreeable weather for the kind of sand fun I am into, and definitely not conducive to throwing a sovereign on shore so after determining I have a higher than some probability of finding one, I went through my mass of 2 cent coins that I had never looked through with much hope in hope of a Bahama Islands coin as…“Around 600,000 two cent pieces were individually inspected, of which some 60,000 were ‘mules’, mostly in the Wellington region.”

A couple are so corroded we will never know, but no such luck at this stage.

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years ago i had a 2lt ice cream box full of 2c coins looked thro every one no mule,wieghed them in as copper.