Somewhere to use my highbanker / small suction dredge

is there anyone in the central otago that has a claim that would allow me to use my highbanker / 2"dredge for a resonable price through winter or percentage ? somewhere that my 4wd does not need to be submarine ?? with the price of gold i would think claim owners would be jumping at someone to get into some tricky spots and get there gold to them…

Speak with the guy who’s selling the cardrona claim on trade me, he said I could dredge on percentage of I wanted. I’m to busy detecting to be out dredging at the moment so fire him a message.

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that sounds awesome do you have his contact details at all ?

Ok thanks gav I have his details thanks so much

No problem, let me know how it goes for ya.

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wasnt there someone offering folks to be on his Clutha claim at set rates. Sorry here that you are no longer interested in my offer Danno

i am still interested in your offer dave for sure i have not been well and unable to even go panning let alone mining but past week has been good my health is returning slowly and yes i would love to come up with some kind of arrangement with you

i have noticed on ocassion dredges being used in the lower part of the arrow river near the bridge on the main highway into queenstown near crown range road …poachers? or maybe this claim owner allows dredging? does anyone know how to get hold of this claim owner??

The thing is danno is a 2 inch dredge is like pissing in the wind. You get more throughput with a pan and a shovel.
Not many claim owners would be willing to do a percentage on the gold you get as its basically a percentage of jack all and therefore not worth their time.
I know the lower claim owner on the arrow I think you will find it was the owner of that claim is the one with the dredge. You wont get permission

its ok that part of lower arrow is smashed anyway and i have permission on two very rich rivers for dredge and highbanker so it dont worry me 10 jacks of a sweet little piss in the wind and if you saw my sluice box after using suction you would eat your words for breakfast lunch and dinner…cheers

i dont know how much you get pirch but a suction noozle on my highbanker alone 5grams in 3hours bymyself petrol cost 2dollars depth just below the knee to ankle depth 73$.00 cash per gram you do the math if you call that pissing in the wind then you you really are the man…what do you get at your spot? an ounce an hour by the sounds of it i take my hat of to you and salute you

one more note for you pirch the claim owners i deal with at present where i highbank and dredge are top blokes real nice fellas they treat me with respect and i give them respect and honesty in return one i pay 10% and the other is 30% because we also have to give the land owner a percentage to have access to certain areas on the claim 5grams in three hours is with two inch noozle i can take my dredge into gold rich areas that you would never get a bigger dredge in there therefore i get to backpack my dredge into places that have never been dredged david and goliath every dog has his day!!!


here is gold with my 2"


Sounds like you have it sorted then. Nice gold. If your getting that grading with a piddly 2 then thats some very rich ground.
A small portable dredge would be an advantage in very small shallow creeks and brooks that you cant use a 4 or bigger in but im just unsure how many claims have those sorts of parameters to them in Otago? Im guessing not many particularly in the middle of winter as they will most likely high altitude and no water which therefore brings me back to your dilemma of having to go onto ground during winter that has a larger water volume and therefore a greater gravel burden that a 2 inch would really struggle.
Food for thought.

sorry your wrong same as not getting permission your wrong i have it !!! and your comment piddly??? wow you really are high up there above others on your little pirch looking down on others with gear not as large as yours with comments like pissing in the wind and wont get permission and waste of time and piddly??? what comments do you give to those with just a small sluice box??? is that like pooing in a tornado for you…? food for thought cheers

Danno im not here to insult you or mock what your doing. Gold mining is a great activity and it looks like you are onto some good gold!
The thing is you posed a question seeking answers on this forum. Part of that involves people giving you opinions, advice etc.
I think ive been pretty clear with the reasoning behind my opinion. I stand by that. But thats not to say you wont succeed and get what you are after and it sounds like your doing that which is fantastic!
Re the words and I dont want you to loose sleep over this one - A 2 inch is piddly or tiny. call it what you want man! They are pricks of things having to throw out so many rocks and dont get me started on the plug ups!. A 6 inch can be a right pig of a thing as well! A 4 inch or 6 inch is also piddly compared to an 8. Thats not to say they dont have value and the people behind them are lower or higher compared to the guys like the Tony Beets of the world. This isn’t a pissing contest. Mining is all about throughput as you know but that also has to be balanced against other factors such as portability, recovery etc -
Geez the guys with trommels and screens probably laugh at our dredges as they move F all but that doesn’t devalue what we do.
Anyway stand tall brother and be proud about what you do

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thank you pirch that is a much better comment that i can understand…cheers

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No worries. Let me know if you get stuck. I have a claim near Alex (Im not sure where you live) that might suit a high-banker just doing flood gold on big beeches but its a bit of a walk in (flat ground though). Im always curious as to what the grading are like?

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nice one pirch i live in arthurs point queenstown and have always been keen to have a look with permission in your area as i have heard great true storys of good gold in your area … i am new to dredging in fact i have never been in the water with one yet and have no air only snorkel and wet suit diving wet suit with hoodie brrrr the water in otago is freezing so lets see how i goi want to ask you if i can is it difficult to learn hookah breathing underwater with air compressor i see you guys with 4,5,and 6inch dredges using this as it seems a must for you guys did it take alot to learn to use air compressor and bigger dredging cheers

Hookah breathing is easy but you obviously need a hookah setup. I think with your motor on a 2 inch would not be suitable for a compressor as it might not have the hp to run it as well as the space.
Your best bet is to get mobile hookah setup from dredge nz.
Alternatively investing in a 4inch might be the go and you still retain the portability to a point but you quadruple the throughput.
Yes I have some beeches that load up with fine gold on the claim. Perhaps your high banker might be the best as bedrock is very deep. Just working the top foot or so of material might be the go.
Only problem is you will have to walk in your gear. I not sure how big of a deal that might be man.
Anyway I can send you some maps and you can research and see if its viable and if your still keen we can talk buisness.
Flick me a pm and I’ll send it through.
As I said I’m pretty curious myself as to what you might get. Be aware though I’d doubt you be doing 5g for 3 hours sort of ground it’s not that rich!!

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