Slab Hut Creek claim for sale - No. 60359

For sale: Claim no. 60359

For all enquires please call John on 027 5776744.

Topo of gold claim 60359

Slab Hut Creek river and creeks off main stream bed.
Approx 41 hectares of river and streams at a 40m width.
Lease is paid until July 2018 at an annual cost of $1100.
Have only worked 20% of claim to date.
A local helicopter can fly the dredge in or out for $500 excl gst.

Includes Keene 4 inch 3 stage dredge, model no 4505PH bought in Oct 2017. Only done 30 hrs. Includes new compressor and hookah system, and new swivel nozzle.

This is being sold due to an accident with one of the claim partners and is a package deal only, claim and dredge. Also have 2 motor bikes and a gold wheel that could be included at extra cost.


Oh man!! This would be a great claim to have,I have to say it,it would be a good paydirt collaboration claim and/or Public fossicking area extension with the camping ground right there too!! Wild …dreams are free…anyone got a few spare $k we’re good for it…lol…good luck with it who ever gets it!!!..aarr …which creek would ya check out first!!
I asked the missus…but she just said…I’d be doing it on my own…guezz I’ll miss her…lol!!


Gotta agree with ya on this. Would be an excellent group claim and with it being not far from the public fossicking area as well.

What do you reakon access is like in the upper reaches?

hey prich , theres a pretty good track goes to commissioners flat and you can go down maori gully to main slab hut creek bit of bush bashing but ive dredged down there, Pete Feilding dredged it commercially in the 80s hes showed me about in there , a lot of ground for a group claim some spots difficult acsess im sure theres plenty of yellow left in there


4wd access is easy for some of it.

Yup, would be perfect as a group claim. Any idea on costs of purchasing it ?

hi there think its on trademe $15 k be a good buy at that price

Yep, here’s the listing on Trade Me - Trade Me

Cheap enough for a few people to get together and chip in for.

BTW - I’m still interested in doing the group claim but have a bit too much going on at the moment. I’ll probably start looking into the red tape / liability again towards the end of summer / beginning of winter. But as a low risk option I’m likely to open up my own claim for the purpose as an experiment. But feel free to beat me to it if I’m dragging my feet :wink:

Hey Gav it would be good to get a feel for anyone thats interested in putting in some coin for the slab hut claim. Im guessing we would need to move pretty fast on this. Personally as the dredge comes with the claim you could sell it to recoup some of the costs?

5 partners at 3 k each I’m in for that.need 4 more and I’ll push buy now!!Serious!


Wow, this looks good. I’m really interested. I’ve never operated a dredge before but would love to help. My experience is with river sluices and I get stuck into it, not afraid of a bit of hard work when it comes to finding gold. I am up for $3K toward the purchase of the claim. I live in ChCh and travel to Louis creek any free weekend I get. I pulled some nice gold out of that creek but the opportunity to be part of a group claim sounds good.

Not sure what the gold is like at Slab Hut Creek although it is a place I have been keen to have a poke around and see what I come up with


Well thats one,just 3 more partners and we’re in,ya gotta have the mulla ready to go,be nice to have someone local to keep an eye on things.


I wish this come up 3 months ago

Would have got it myself then got some keen partners.

Does anyone know what the golds like up here?

Always have a dig down in the fossicking area when passing through but surely it must be better out of the public area…?

And so dam perfect for me with the camp there.

Searching Permit No ,sounds like permit is new, issued in June 2017,expires in 10 years time.40 ha plenty of ground to cover,some of it steep so no dredges been in these areas I would guess.3 k = 1.6 oz’s!!
Also permit transfer fee = $2530 = $506.00 each Eventually you could charge paydirt users small fee for fossicking rights to cover costs I guess…whats the gold like webby1?

hi Mal, upper slab hut creek is a place I always wanted to claim myself , I lived in reefton and mucked around down in there , work dried up and I shifted back home and took out a claim on the manuherikia, but always planned on going back so we may be able to do some exchange dredging if you guys do take it on, ive no doubt a lot of gold still exsists in there as your right there is some rough bits that would never have seen much action , Geoff archer also dredged in there with his brother in the 80s and , we went down maori gully and dredged some fine gold , we also walked up Car creek one day and dug some nice pickers out of a bank in there , that stretch has a lot of shallow bedrock and I would say some good gold, theres plenty of camp sites in the bush , with some of the tracks in the lower end giving good acsess , but they do get abit boggy after a rain, theres choppers in reefton who could drop gear into main slab hut creek as some of the beaches are open enough, Pete Feiding is the man to talk to im not sure if hes still in Reefton but he lived in the motorcamp and just loves to talk gold , and he certainly took a lot of gold out of there, some nice chunky stuff as well he told me he dredge up a nugget just over an ounce , he thought it was a bit of brass because of its dull colour when he felt the weight he realised it was gold . there are a few spots you can drive to and acsess from soldiers road or big river road , certainly a beautiful spot , if I was still in the area id be real keen to jump aboard , I think the price is very reasonable . cheers Webby


I have had my 4" in the top end up by soldiers road . fine gold but plenty of it very rough bed rock for catching great area for the odd deer and good camp spots beside the creek


Hey Mal
I’ve got 5k if your interested in a group claim

Pm goldstampx mate.he’s keen toI.rang John and all checks out…on a tour right now can’t talk.this cliam will go tonight

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Hey Mal

just bought the claim on way to talk to john in Reefton I’m keen for an investor let me know if your interested, could use some wisdom.

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Bloody awsome stuff guys. I think anyone that gets this looks like they will do well.
Definitely suit guys located on the coast , cantabury and Marlborough if it’s going to morph into a group claim.